Monobloc Kitchen Taps

Monobloc taps have become the gold standard in modern UK kitchens due to their compact design and efficient functionality. At Tapron, we specialise in a wide array of monobloc kitchen taps, from the classic swan neck designs to innovative options like instant hot water taps. These taps not only meet...

Monobloc taps have become the gold standard in modern UK kitchens due to their compact design and efficient functionality. At Tapron, we specialise in a wide array of monobloc kitchen taps, from the classic swan neck designs to innovative options like instant hot water taps. These taps not only meet the aesthetic demands of contemporary kitchens but also address the practical aspects of daily use.

Our range of mono mixer kitchen taps features dual levers for precise temperature control and a single spout for smooth water distribution. These taps come equipped with thermostatic controls that ensure even water temperature, eliminating the inconvenience of constant adjustments. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, a monobloc sink tap maintains a consistent temperature, enhancing your kitchen experience.

The aerator feature in our taps ensures that the water flow is not only smooth but also water-efficient, softening the stream while saving water. Furthermore, each tap incorporates a ceramic disc cartridge, ensuring a drip-free operation. This technology prevents the annoying and wasteful dripping that can detract from your kitchen experience and lead to significant water loss. One of the defining features of our monobloc taps is their robust construction.

At Tapron, we are committed to enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your space. Our monoblock kitchen taps come in a variety of finishes, allowing you to choose from black, gold, rose gold, chrome, nickel, and brushed stainless steel, to perfectly match your kitchen’s decor and your personal style.

Whether you’re updating your current tap or completing a new kitchen setup, our monobloc mixer taps will add a touch of elegance and efficiency to your space. With next-day delivery available, you can quickly and easily upgrade your kitchen with our premium monobloc kitchen mixer taps. Tapron ensures that every selection contributes to a more beautiful and functional kitchen environment, making your daily routines more enjoyable and efficient.

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The beauty of Tapron’s tapware extends beyond the confines of your bathroom, transcending into the heart of the home- the kitchen. Each tap is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously crafted to harmonise with the rhythm of everyday life. Each tap tells a story of innovation, passion and a commitment to excellence that is projected on the smooth surface that portrays the craftsmanship that goes into creating exquisite pieces. Transform your mundane tasks into extraordinary culinary experiences with our taps, designed for perfection and precision with only the best quality materials. So why settle for anything less than perfection? Choose Tapron, and let your home become the stage for a performance of unparalleled beauty and grace. Visit: Complete Kitchen Taps Curation

Understanding Monobloc Kitchen Taps

Our assortment of kitchen taps extends to a selection of monobloc kitchen taps defined by their single-hole configuration and features a single lever or handle that controls both hot and cold water, deviating from the traditional designs of dual handles. Structured to take less space as compared to such regular designs, these taps offer a minimal, modern aesthetic to kitchens with easy temperature controls that allow users to conveniently adjust the balance by moving the lever right or left. Ensured with a durable build, the selection boasts longevity, ensuring homeowners are rid of constant issues of renovations and repairs that occur from compromised quality products.

Installing a monobloc kitchen sink tap is convenient as it requires only a single tap hole and is accompanied by a friendly user manual. This range stands out with its sleek cylindrical body, embodying simplicity with a single body seamlessly integrating all components into a harmonious whole. It is designed to be mounted on the deck/countertop and minimises clutter to maximise space for a breezy daily routine. The selection is also powered with water-saving features like aerators or flow restrictors that prevent extensive usage without compromising performance.

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Comparing Brass and Stainless Steel Kitchen Taps

Making the choice between a stainless and brass mono kitchen mixer tap depends on a matter of personal preference and practical considerations. Brass boasts a classic charm with its golden hue while at the same time, inviting durability and long-lasting usability with its corrosion resistance that makes it ideal for heavy kitchen traffic. With proper care and maintenance, brass taps can last for years, retaining their beauty and functionality over time. Brass with its alloy of zinc and copper does not contain iron which eliminates the risk of rusting. It boasts high oxidation tolerance by withstanding harsh exposure to cleaning agents, moisture and water.

The stainless steel kitchen mono tap shines with a cool demeanour and is renowned for its strength and resilience. Projecting unparalleled durability like that of brass, these taps require minimal maintenance with a solid tolerance to rusting and corrosion. Opting for high-quality materials such as brass or stainless steel ensures that taps can withstand the rigours of daily use without succumbing to wear and tear. These taps require only a simple wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap to remove stains and water spots, making them ideal for daily use. Features such as smooth surfaces, anti-limescale coatings, and removable aerators facilitate hassle-free maintenance, allowing homeowners to keep their taps in optimal condition with minimal effort.

Unique and Customised Color Options for Monobloc Taps

Popular choices in our range of kitchen sink monobloc taps range from subtle tones of white, chrome and rose gold to colder, classy looks in gold, black and bronze. We offer a wide range of options available to suit different preferences and kitchen designs including the shiny and reflective surfaces of chrome and stainless steel. Bronze has a rich and luxurious finish with deep brown and copper hues, while gold bears a warm touch with a radiant look. Creating a customised kitchen look is made easy with white taps that grant a fresh look with an airy feel to the sink area.

Black is a popular colour scheme that exudes a bold and contemporary touch to kitchen taps. The black mono basin mixer tap is ideal to be paired with neutral and lighter tones. Another popular design is the two-tone range that combines two different colours or materials to reward homeowners with an interesting contrast while adding depth to the whole design. This White And Gold Kitchen Tap With Pull Out Spray has a white monobody with gold detailing on the lever handle, pullout spray and base plate that grants the whole piece a unique, graceful look.  

The choice of finish for your kitchen mono taps also plays a drastic role in impacting the overall aesthetic and ambience of your space. Tapron’s tapware and other shower, bath and toilet accessories are popularly offered in three finishes of brushed, matt and polished. Brushed finishes are known for their satin-like texture with a soft sheen and parallel brush strokes that add texture. Matt finishes absorbs light rather than reflecting it with a velvety appearance that creates a bold and dramatic contrast. A highly reflective surface is provided by the polished finish that flaunts a mirror-like shine, catching and reflecting light to brighten the space. This high-quality coating enables the taps to conceal fingerprints and water spots drastically while assuring a timeless look.

Exploring Handle, Spout, and Sprayer Options 

The mono kitchen sink mixer tap curation features a range of handle and spout styles that are designed with modern technology allowing easy access and usability. Round lever handles offer single or dual controls to navigate water regulation and flow. Mono handles allow users to control and balance the flow with a single motion and have an ergonomic shape that ensures comfortable space for your daily chores. These are typically more space-saving than twin-handle structures. However, dual handles provide more ease in utility, allowing precise temperature adjustments to control temperature separately. With independent controls, users can quickly switch between temperatures without disrupting the flow or adjusting a single lever, making it easier to perform various tasks simultaneously.

Lever handles are further diversified in choices with their unique square, round and finely structured outlines, with a grand selection offering the blend of a white lever sophistication to complement the chrome, gold and black bodies. A more vintage-like feel is granted by the kitchen mono mixer taps with crosshead handles. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, these designs feature intricate detailing and elegant curves that bring character to your space. A more advanced approach is provided by the sensor-activated handles that offers a one-touch operation to turn the tap on/off without risking frequent contact with the tap, eliminating the risk of bacterial growth.

Another category that defines the look of your kitchen mono tap is the spout design. Featuring a rotating design is the swivel spout that allows users to direct the water flow wherever needed. This makes it ideal for single and double-bowl sinks with its 360-degree rotation feature. High arc spouts like the swan neck design offer ample clearance between the tap and the basin that increases accessibility effortlessly. Straight spouts offer a clean kitchen aesthetic with its uncluttered design featuring a compact profile that provides a steady and controlled flow of water. Structured with an angular silhouette, the L-shaped design has a crisp shape that extends horizontally from the tap body before descending vertically into the sink basin.

An innovative solution for your kitchen is provided by the pull out mono mixer kitchen tap that features an extendable spout and allows maximum accessibility in reaching corners of your sink, providing more flexibility as compared to regular taps. These taps allow various modes for users to switch between as per requirements. Kitchen Sink Wastes can be paired with your selection of kitchen tapware to ensure an efficient and proper drainage system. This addition prevents clogs by blocking food waste and debris from entering the plumbing system while simultaneously forming a seal to prevent drain gas and odour from entering your home.


Varieties of Monobloc Taps: A Guide to Different Types and Designs 

A kitchen mono mixer tap is further broadened into a spectrum of choices including pullout and touchless categories. Pullout taps feature a retractable spray head that can be effortlessly pulled out from the spout, offering increased flexibility and versatility for various kitchen tasks. These are dual-function designs that offer toggling between two modes for usability including the spray and stream feature. Allowing a powerful flow, the spray mode has a high-pressure concentrated flow that is ideal for removing food residue and cleaning chores. The second mode is the stream feature that delivers a more steady, uninterrupted flow of water that is softer to the touch.

The dual functionality of this selection of monobloc sink taps allows users to seamlessly switch between the two modes with the push of a button. It allows users to customise water flow based on the task at hand. It has a space-saving design that eliminates the need for a separate side spray or additional accessories with the retractable spray head that seamlessly integrates into the tap's spout, conserving countertop space.


What are touchless Monobloc taps? This type of kitchen monobloc tap is designed with motion-sensing technology that allows the tap to turn on/off with a simple one-touch gesture. The functionality is determined by the advanced technology that detects the presence of hands or movement within the sensor’s proximity and with a simple touch, the sensor is activated to initiate water flow without manually controlling the tap. The limited contact with the tap reduces the risk of unwanted bacteria and germs spreading. These taps also allow precise water control and temperature regulation while also controlling water wastage. A safety feature is its ability to automatically shut down in cases of system failures or after a specified period of inactivity.

Learning more about an instant boiling mono kitchen tap: Available in the rich variants of gold, chrome and black, this 3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Tap with Boiler Unit & Filter features a stunning design with a swan neck and a round and lever handle. These taps are designed to revolutionise access to hot water in the kitchen with unparalleled convenience, speed and efficiency. With advanced heating technology, it delivers near-boiling water within seconds without the need to reheat warm water. Devised with an on-demand heating system, these taps maintain a constant supply of hot water with adjustable temperature settings (98°C maximum boiling water temperature). The filtration system reduces the concentration of chlorine and chemicals effectively in tap water, giving a fresher-tasting water.      

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Innovative Features Redefining the Modern Monobloc Tap Landscape

A defining factor of the kitchen mono mixer tap is the ceramic disc cartridge. This functionality works with durable ceramic discs where one disc moves against the stationary one, creating an efficient path to allow water to smoothly pass through for a pleasant utility. This feature not only aids in regulating water flow and temperature but also prevents unwanted leaks and drips by forming a watertight seal. Unlike traditional rubber washers, ceramic discs can withstand frequent use without deteriorating, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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Powered with an aerator, the mono mixer kitchen tap is designed to improve the overall user experience by conserving water and reducing splashes. The utility is exercised by creating a steady stream which is done by integrating air into the water flow without interrupting the pressure. This allows for a drastic minimising of water usage while creating a bubbling water flow that is soft to the touch. It also eliminates problems of splashes that can damage the walls around the basin area and dampens noise associated with water flow for a more serene kitchen experience. 

Delivery and Guarantee 

With every mono kitchen sink mixer tap customers are assured a manufacturer’s guarantee ranging from 1 to 15 years depending on the product. This protects buyers from the rare event of unwanted issues of malfunctions and defects, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their Tapron buy. We also assure quick 2-3 working days in the UK while international delivery varies from country to country. Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting every homeowner with queries, selection and troubleshooting regarding their choice of products. We also offer online DIY guides and blogs to make your shopping experience more convenient and enthralling!

Payments with Tapron are secure, promising our buyers that we value your privacy as much as you do. In cases of returns, delivery and privacy queries, you can easily view our policies with a simple click.

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