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Can You Have A Freestanding Tub and Tap In A Small Bathroom?

by Rajinder Basrah 07 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Can You Have A Freestanding Tub and Tap In A Small Bathroom

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The allure of a freestanding tub and tap is undeniable. They evoke a sense of luxury and relaxation often found in the pages of high-end design magazines. But can this dream be realized in the confines of a small bathroom? At Tapron UK, we believe that with the right design strategies, it's entirely possible. This guide will explore how to incorporate a freestanding tub and tap into a small bathroom without compromising on style or functionality.

The Challenge of Space

Small bathrooms present unique challenges, primarily related to space. However, incorporating a freestanding tub and tap doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your other needs. It's about making smart choices and optimizing the layout to ensure every inch counts.

freestanding tub and tap

Choosing the Right Tub

  1. Compact Designs: Look for smaller-sized freestanding tubs designed specifically for tight spaces. These can offer the elegance and comfort of a freestanding tub without overwhelming the room.

  2. Placement is Key: Position your tub in a way that maximizes space. Sometimes, placing it at an angle or adjacent to the longest wall can open up the room and make it appear larger.

  3. Transparent Elements: Consider incorporating glass elements, such as shower screens, to create an illusion of space. This allows the tub to be a focal point without visually cluttering the area.

freestanding tub and tap

Selecting the Perfect Tap

  1. Floor-Mounted Taps: While they are a stunning complement to freestanding tubs, in a small bathroom, floor-mounted taps require careful planning. Ensure there's enough clearance around the tub and that the tap doesn't obstruct movement.

  2. Wall-Mounted Taps: An excellent alternative for saving space, wall-mounted taps can provide the same visual impact without taking up valuable floor area. They also allow for easier cleaning around the tub.

  3. Multifunctional Designs: Look for taps that offer additional features, such as hand showers, which provide practicality while enhancing the luxury bath experience.

Visual Tricks and Tips

  1. Color and Light: Use light colors to make the space appear larger. Mirrors and adequate lighting can also expand the visual space of a small bathroom.

  2. Tile Continuity: Running the same tile throughout the bathroom, including the shower area, can create a seamless look that enhances the sense of space.

  3. Declutter: Opt for minimalist decor and smart storage solutions to keep the space open and airy. The less clutter there is, the more attention can be focused on the beautiful freestanding pieces.

freestanding tub and tap

At Tapron UK, we offer a variety of freestanding bath taps that suit every style and bathroom size. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern design or something more traditionally elegant, we have options that can transform your small bathroom into a luxurious retreat.


Having a freestanding tub and tap in a small bathroom is not only possible but can also elevate the entire aesthetic of your space. With careful selection and strategic design, you can create a functional, stylish bathroom that feels spacious and luxurious. Visit Tapron UK to explore our wide range of freestanding tubs and taps, and start planning your dream bathroom today.

Are you considering adding a freestanding tub and tap to your small bathroom? Share your thoughts or concerns, and let Tapron UK help you navigate through your options to find the perfect solution.

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