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Elevating Bathroom Design: The Advantages of Floor Mounted Taps

by E Cavendish 07 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Elevating Bathroom Design: The Advantages of Floor Mounted Taps


In the ever-evolving world of bathroom design, floor-mounted taps stand as a testament to the blend of aesthetic elegance and functional sophistication. As homeowners seek to create spaces that reflect personal style while ensuring usability, floor-mounted taps have emerged as a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their bathrooms.

Tapron UK offers an exquisite selection of floor-mounted taps that cater to various design preferences and practical needs. This blog explores the benefits and considerations of incorporating a floor-mounted tap into your bathroom.

What is a Floor Mounted Tap?

Floor-mounted taps, also known as freestanding bath taps, rise gracefully from the floor to fill the bathtub. They are particularly favored for use with freestanding bathtubs but can also make a striking statement beside built-in baths.

These taps come in various styles, from sleek and modern designs to more traditional, ornate options, ensuring there's a perfect match for every bathroom aesthetic.

Floor Mounted Taps

The Benefits of Choosing a Floor Mounted Tap

1. Aesthetic Appeal: Floor-mounted taps serve as a focal point in the bathroom, adding an element of visual interest and luxury. Their elegant stature and distinctive presence can elevate the overall design of the space.

2. Versatility: These taps offer flexibility in bathroom layout and design. Unlike wall-mounted or deck-mounted taps that require the bathtub to be placed in specific locations, floor-mounted taps allow you to position your freestanding tub anywhere in the room.

3. Ease of Installation: While the installation of floor-mounted taps might seem daunting, they can be easier to fit than wall-mounted alternatives, especially in bathrooms where wall access is limited or complicated by tiles.

4. Wide Range of Designs: Tapron UK’s collection of floor-mounted taps includes a variety of designs and finishes, from the contemporary elegance of chrome to the warm luxury of brushed brass, providing options to complement any bathroom decor.

traditional floor mounted taps

Considerations When Choosing a Floor Mounted Tap

1. Bathroom Size and Layout: Floor-mounted taps are best suited for spacious bathrooms where their design can be fully appreciated without crowding the space.

2. Plumbing Requirements: Installing a floor-mounted tap requires careful planning of water supply lines, which typically need to run beneath the floor. It's important to consider the feasibility of this setup in your bathroom renovation or build.

3. Compatibility with Your Bathtub: Ensure the tap you choose complements the style and dimensions of your bathtub, both aesthetically and in terms of water flow and pressure requirements.

4. Budget: Floor-mounted taps can be an investment. However, their durability and timeless design offer long-term value, enhancing not just your bathroom’s functionality but also its resale appeal.

Featured Floor Mounted Taps from Tapron UK

Explore our selection of floor-mounted taps, such as the sleek and modern Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer, perfect for contemporary spaces, or the classic elegance of our Traditional Freestanding Bath Filler, which adds a touch of period charm to any bathroom.


A floor-mounted tap can transform your bathroom into a statement of personal style and luxury. Whether you're undertaking a full renovation or simply updating your fixtures, consider the unique benefits and aesthetic appeal of a floor-mounted tap.

Tapron UK’s extensive range offers something for every taste and bathroom design, ensuring your space is not only functional but also a true reflection of your personal style.

Are you considering a floor-mounted tap for your bathroom? Share your thoughts or questions about how a floor-mounted tap could enhance your space, and let Tapron UK help guide you to the perfect choice for your bathroom project.

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