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The Ultimate Shower Waste and Shower Trap Buying Guide

by E Cavendish 09 Mar 2024 0 Comments
The Ultimate Shower Waste and Shower Trap Buying Guide

Table Of Contents:


Selecting the appropriate shower waste and trap is essential for maintaining an efficient and hygienic shower system. This guide simplifies the selection process by highlighting key considerations and factors to keep in mind.

Understanding Shower Waste and Traps:

  • Shower Waste:

    Connects the shower base to the drainage pipe, allowing water to exit the shower area. Includes a waste trap to trap debris and prevent sewer gases from entering the bathroom.

  • Shower Traps:

    Come in various designs, with common types being P-trap and S-trap. The choice depends on plumbing setup and drain pipe location.

Shower Waste - Brushed Black

Key Considerations:

  1. Type of Shower Waste:

    • Standard: Suitable for most shower trays, easy to install and maintain.
    • Slimline: Designed for limited space underneath shower trays.
    • Hi-Flow: Ideal for high-volume showers, capable of draining large amounts of water quickly.
  2. Size and Compatibility:

    • Ensure waste size matches the shower tray’s waste hole and plumbing (common sizes: 40mm, 50mm).
    • Compatibility prevents leaks and ensures efficient drainage.
  3. Material:

    • Plastic: Cost-effective, corrosion-resistant.
    • Metal (chrome-plated): Offers a premium look.
  4. Maintenance Features:

    • Look for easy-clean features like removable baskets or traps to simplify debris removal and reduce clogs.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal:

    • Consider decorative covers in chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black to match shower fittings and accessories.

Modern Slim Shower Waste in Bronze Finish—90mm

Installation and Compatibility:

  • Verify compatibility with both the shower tray and plumbing before purchasing.
  • Consider ease of installation; some models are DIY-friendly, while others may require professional assistance.
  • Consulting a plumber can help ensure compatibility and prevent costly mistakes.

Offset Quadrant Left Hand Shower Trays


Choosing the right shower waste and trap enhances shower functionality, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. By considering type, size, material, maintenance features, and appearance, you can select components that offer reliable performance and seamlessly integrate into your bathroom design. Remember, investing in quality components is essential for the long-term health and enjoyment of your bathroom.

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