"Brushed Brass Shower Set: Thermostatic Valve, Round Head, and Slim Waste"

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Having a bathroom that functions and serves aesthetic appeal is an excellent boon for all homes as it rids you of unwanted renovations resulting after only considerable usage while serving with no compromise. Tapron’s brushed brass product bundles combine some of the best-handpicked products to meet the needs of all homes based on water pressure and plumbing requirements, number of outlets, designs, and the likewise.

The extensive arrangement of brass bathroom fittings has a sturdy brass manufacturing, granting it an abrasion-proof and anti-rust property. The brushed finish, combined with this solidly built structure, ensures the details are fit for everyday usage in the bath space with extensive moisture exposure. They retain their lustre with simple cleaning requirements.

Fixing and installing the gold bathroom fittings are a convenient task, ensuring no damage is caused on the mounted surface, and it remains intact even with years of use. All these products are fulfilled with a trusted guarantee covering up to 15 years, ensuring blissful utility in every way possible.

Gold Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve

Devised to serve with a single outlet and an adaptability for your other bathroom fittings, the gold 1 Outlet shower valve has a rectangular base plate that characterises the overall design. The concealed fixings ensure a clutter-free space without risking unwanted pipeworks from ruining the interior by keeping it sealed compactly behind the walls.

As a family-friendly adornment, the vertical shower valve has a safety feature that automatically shuts off in cases of system failures. The thermostatic property regulates glitch-free flow while always maintaining the desired temperature balance. The dual round handles provide ease of operation.

The concealed thermostatic shower valve has a minimum operating system of 0.5 bar, suiting it as an ideal adornment for homes looking for a medium water pressure product. To grant full functionality, you can incorporate a minimally crafted round shower head for a relaxing rainfall shower experience.

Round Gold Shower Head 

Refined with voguish easy-cleaning nozzles, the 200mm brass shower head creates a relaxing ambience and maintains the flow. The versatile design stands out with the sleek circular structure and features nozzles that allow a delightful rainfall routine at the luxury of your home! It can be paired with a wall or ceiling-mounted shower arm for no-compromise practicality. 

Gold Slim Shower Waste 

A gold shower waste featuring brass and plastic build grants a simple yet elegant look, perfectly blending with a gold hue. This minimally crafted design is ideal if you want a space that quickly drains wastewater while preventing clogs in the system by eliminating the risk of debris getting stuck in the pipes.

The brass bath waste is an efficient choice that creates a compact and snug ambience by eliminating drain odour and gases from ruining the mood and setting of your room and keeps the drain hole tightly sealed at all times.

Combined with an upscale bath and shower venture, the set of bathroom products brings comfort in every possible way. With quality promised and an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, these products are designed to make every bathroom envision a reality!

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy brass construction with a brushed brass finish
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Quick fixation and easy installation
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 years

Gold 1 Outlet Shower Valve

  • WRAS approved
  • Vertical wall mounted structure with single outlet
  • Round handles offering dual controls
  • Thermostatic temperature controls
  • Concealed fixings
  • Minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar
  • Backplate size: 215H x 120W mm
  • Can be paired with shower handsets, rigid riser kits, shower heads, etc (all sold separately)

Shower Head

  • Width: 200mm
  • Minimal round structure
  • Ideal for the perfect rainfall effect shower
  • Easy-cleaning nozzles

Gold Shower Waste

  • Minimal circular structure
  • Suitable for use with a shower tray
  • Quick draining properties
  • Height: 115mm
  • Width: 225mm


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