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Top 4 Ways to Adjust Your Shower Head Height - Without Hiring A Plumber

by E Cavendish 09 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Top 4 Ways to Adjust Your Shower Head Height Without Hiring A Plumber

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Finding the perfect shower head height can significantly enhance your showering experience, catering to the needs of every member of your household. Whether you're looking to accommodate taller individuals or simply aiming for a more versatile shower setup, adjusting the height of your shower head doesn't always require professional help.

At Tapron UK, where we offer an extensive selection of shower heads, we understand the importance of customization for optimal comfort. Here are the top 4 DIY methods to adjust your shower head height without hiring a plumber.

1. Install An Adjustable Shower Arm

An adjustable shower arm is one of the simplest solutions to modify your shower head height. These arms are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to easily change the height and angle of the shower head with minimal effort. Installation is straightforward:

  • Unscrew the existing shower head from the arm.
  • Remove the old arm from the wall connection.
  • Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the new adjustable arm for a watertight seal.
  • Screw the new arm into the wall connection, followed by reattaching the shower head.
Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Matt Black Finish

2. Use A Shower Head Holder

For handheld shower heads, a holder or bracket that slides along a bar is an ideal solution for height adjustment. This setup not only allows for height customization but also offers the convenience of detaching the shower head for direct control. Installation typically involves:

  • Mounting a vertical bar to the shower wall.
  • Attaching the holder or bracket that will hold the shower head.
  • The holder can then be moved up and down the bar to adjust the shower head height.

3. Add A Shower Head Extension

A shower head extension arm can extend the reach and height of your shower head. These extensions come in various lengths and styles, including straight and S-shaped designs, to suit different showering preferences and setups. To install:

  • Remove the current shower head.
  • Attach the extension arm to the shower’s water supply pipe, using Teflon tape on the threads to prevent leaks.
  • Screw the shower head onto the other end of the extension arm.
400mm Wall-Mounted Square Shower Arm - Modern Elegance

4. Invest In A Handheld Shower Head with an Adjustable Slide Bar

Handheld shower heads attached to a slide bar offer the ultimate flexibility. The slide bar is mounted to the shower wall, and the handheld shower head can be moved up or down along the bar, locking into place at the desired height. Most slide bars include an easy-to-use mechanism for height adjustment, making this an excellent option for families with varying height requirements. Installation may vary based on the product but generally involves securing the bar to the wall and attaching the hose and shower head.

Wall-Mounted Digital Display Shower Holder with Bracket and Handheld Shower- Matt Black


Adjusting the height of your shower head can dramatically improve your showering experience, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated or costly process. With these DIY solutions, you can find the perfect height to meet your needs, enhancing both comfort and functionality in your bathroom.

Explore Tapron UK’s wide range of shower heads and accessories to find the perfect components for your adjustable shower setup. Enjoy a tailored shower experience that suits every member of your family, without the need for professional installation.

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