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Upgrade your bathroom with Tapron's luxurious selection of bath spouts, perfectly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our range features both wall-mounted and deck-mounted options, designed to cater to any bathroom style, from sleek modern designs to rich traditional settings.Choose from our exquisite finishes including polished brass, brushed brass, antique brass,...

Upgrade your bathroom with Tapron's luxurious selection of bath spouts, perfectly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our range features both wall-mounted and deck-mounted options, designed to cater to any bathroom style, from sleek modern designs to rich traditional settings.

Choose from our exquisite finishes including polished brass, brushed brass, antique brass, stainless steel, gold, black, and more to perfectly complement your bathroom's colour scheme. Each bath spout is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they are not only beautiful but durable and functional.

Our diverse offerings include waterfall spouts that add a touch of sophistication and a spa-like feel to your bathtub experience. For those who prefer a more streamlined look, our long spouts provide a practical yet stylish solution, extending gracefully over your bath.

In addition to standalone spouts, we offer comprehensive sets that include bath filler, mixer, and shower attachment options, providing a versatile solution for all your bathing needs. These sets come with thermostatic controls, ensuring safe and consistent water temperature, ideal for a family-friendly bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a simple tap or a luxurious bath filler, our collection of bath spouts is designed to impress. With options ranging from the traditional Victorian to contemporary minimalist designs, there is something to suit every taste and bathroom design. Shop at Tapron for the best in luxury bath spouts, where exceptional quality meets timeless design. Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and style with our bath spouts, available in an array of finishes and styles to elevate any bathroom décor.

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Bath spouts stand as pivotal components in bathroom design, serving as both functional necessities and aesthetic statements. The configuration of these spouts encompasses a wide range of options, from traditional wall-mounted fixtures to freestanding models and innovative waterfall designs. These space-saving fixtures create a serene ambience with their cascading water flow, adding a touch of luxury to any bathing space. High-quality materials like brass ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion, while easy-to-clean surfaces, resulting from the high-quality coatings and finishes, simplify maintenance tasks.

Water-saving features of the bath tap spout such as flow restrictors and aerators help conserve resources without compromising performance, aligning with sustainability goals. The body of the spout is sleek and streamlined, with a gently curved profile that directs water flow towards the bath with precision. It extends from the wall or emerges from the edge of the bathtub, depending on the preferred configuration and design scheme. A wide selection has a built-in aerator which allows for a smooth, splash-free water stream for a relaxing routine daily!

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Single Hole and Two Hole Spouts

When it comes to deck and wall mounted bath spouts, one of the primary differentiators in terms of configuration is whether they are single-hole or two-hole designs.

Single Hole Spouts: This assortment of bathroom bath spouts requires only one opening in the wall or bathtub for installation. This streamlined design minimises visual clutter and simplifies the installation process, making it a popular choice for modern and minimalist bathrooms. These designs are defined with a clean, unobtrusive profile and are typically easier to clean and maintain a set of on / off valves are needed for operate them.

Twin Hole Spouts: Common in bath spout wall mounted designs, the two-hole range consists of separate openings for the spout and accompanying handles or controls. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of placement and configuration, as the handles can be positioned independently of the spout. The units are housed in separate base plates and are characterised by sleek round or lever handles.

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Features and Benefits 

Durability: The wall and deck mounted bath spout at Tapron is manufactured with high-quality brass material and completed with brushed, polished and matt finishes. The diverse selection of shades and colours enables homeowners to create a striking décor and interior without limiting choices. Exposure to moisture and water splashes can cause metal surfaces to corrode over time, leading to deterioration and discolouration. Brass forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to air and moisture, effectively preventing corrosion and ensuring long-term durability.

Base Plates: These plates serve as decorative and protective elements that cover the holes or gaps around the base of the bath filler spout where it meets the wall or bathtub. The circular plates act as a barrier between the spout and the wall or bathtub surface, helping to prevent water from seeping behind the fixture. This is particularly important in wall mounted designs, where water infiltration can lead to moisture damage, mould growth, and structural issues over time.

Spouts: A long bath spout provides an extended reach allowing water to flow further into the bathtub. By extending further into the tub than regular designs, the water stream has a longer distance to travel before reaching the surface, reducing the risks of splashing in and around the walls and tub, helping to keep the surrounding area dry.

Ceramic Disc Technology: Each bath wall spout is adorned with ceramic disc technology that provides functionality by eliminating leaks while providing glitch-free water flow. The operation of ceramic disc technology is simple yet highly effective. When the handle of the valve connected to the bath spout is turned, the discs move against each other in a controlled manner, allowing water to flow through the outlet. The tight seal between the discs prevents leaks and drips, even under high water pressure, resulting in smooth and precise control over water flow and temperature.

Water pressure requirements: Catering to the interests of a wide sphere of modern homes, Tapron’s wall and deck mounted bath filler spouts range from high to low water pressure requirements with suitability to most standard plumbing systems. A fixture adhering to 0.5 bar and below can be considered a low-pressure product while above 1 bar belongs to the high-pressure category.

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The bath spout category can also be paired with additional fittings like bath wastes and valves to ensure a complete combination set.

Bath Wastes: Bath wastes are essential components of the plumbing system that allow water to drain from the bathtub efficiently while preventing overflow. It provides a clear path to allow wastewater draining without clogging pipes that can result from solid particles and drains from entering the system. This drain system typically comprises the waste, overflow, waste pipe and trap.

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Valves: Valves with spouts combination refers to plumbing fixtures that integrate both a valve for controlling water flow and a spout for dispensing water in a single unit. From traditional to modern units, these fixtures offer integrated control to allow water flow via the spout.

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