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Revitalise your bathing experience with Tapron's luxurious range of modern bath taps, expertly crafted to bring contemporary elegance and functionality to your bathroom. Our collection features a blend of stylish design and practical technology, making every bath a lavish retreat. Choose from our exquisite wall-mounted taps to save space while...

Revitalise your bathing experience with Tapron's luxurious range of modern bath taps, expertly crafted to bring contemporary elegance and functionality to your bathroom. Our collection features a blend of stylish design and practical technology, making every bath a lavish retreat.

Choose from our exquisite wall-mounted taps to save space while adding a sleek, minimalist touch to your bathroom. For those who prefer a more classic setup, our deck-mounted faucets provide traditional ease with a modern twist. Each design is available in a range of finishes including brushed nickel, classic chrome, rich gold, and even gunmetal and brass for a touch of vintage or industrial flair.

Our modern mixer taps offer convenience and control, allowing you to easily adjust water flow and temperature with precision. Whether you're looking for a simple tap or a more elaborate setup with integrated shower functions, Tapron provides versatile solutions to meet your needs. Our bath mixers seamlessly integrate with showers, featuring both fixed and handheld options to enhance your bathing experience.

Tapron taps are not only about aesthetic appeal but also about superior functionality. They come equipped with advanced ceramic disc technology, ensuring smooth operation and a drip-free experience for years. This attention to detail guarantees that our fittings not only look stunning but also operate efficiently, enhancing the overall quality of your daily routines.

Ideal for any modern bathroom, our taps are designed with attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Explore our selection of contemporary bath taps and find the perfect combination of luxury and functionality to transform your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary of comfort and style. Choose Tapron for designer bathroom fittings that elevate your home with both elegance and performance.

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Ranging from black, chrome, gold and rose gold shades, the luxury modern bathroom taps cater to the interests of all homeowners with the streamlined and minimal structures embalmed with advanced properties including ceramic disc technology, aerators and suitability to standard plumbing systems. Each piece has solid brass craftsmanship that combines with the graded polished, brushed and matt finish, prolonging usability with anti-corrosive properties. 

The modern bath mixer taps offer a blend of style, functionality, and innovation, catering to the diverse preferences and requirements of contemporary bathrooms. From sleek minimalist designs to cutting-edge technology, these fixtures come in a variety of mounting types, temperature control options, handle configurations, and spout styles.

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Manual and Thermostatic Temperature Controls

Manual Controls: Contemporary bathroom taps with manual controls feature separate handles for hot and cold water, allowing users to adjust the temperature by mixing the two streams. These taps offer simplicity and familiarity with the operation provided by the stunning round, cross and lever handles.

Thermostatic Controls: Thermostatic contemporary bath fillers are equipped with a built-in thermostat that maintains a constant water temperature, regardless of fluctuations in the hot and cold water supply. These taps offer precise temperature control, safety features to prevent scalding, and convenience for a comfortable and enjoyable bathing experience.

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Handles, Spouts, Structure and Tap Holes

Handles and Spouts: Modern bathroom taps come with various handle configurations, each offering a distinct look and feel. While single-lever handles combine hot and cold water controls into a single lever or handle, dual designs feature independent handles for hot and cold water, providing precise control over temperature and flow. The variety of designs offer a comfortable grip with a distinctive appeal and are popular user-friendly adornments that make no compromise on functionality and luxury. 

From standard spouts with straight and simple designs to waterfall spouts that feature a wide and flat profile for a cascading effect and elegantly arched swan necks, these designs deliver a steady stream of water into the bathtub and offer flexibility and convenience.

Mounting Types

Deck-Mounted Taps: A deck mounted modern bathroom tap is installed directly onto the deck or rim of the bathtub, offering a classic and versatile option for filling the tub. Offering up to 5 tap hole structures, these sets typically consist of separate controls for balancing water flow while a diverse selection also offers multiple outlet designs with handset, hose and holders.  

Wall-Mounted Taps: Wall-mounted taps are installed to the wall above the bathtub, providing a sleek and modern look while saving space on the tub deck. These taps create a clean and minimalist aesthetic and allow users to install it at a preferred height without adhering to space limitations.

Freestanding Taps: Freestanding modern bath taps stand independently on the floor next to the bathtub, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the bathing experience. The selection makes a bold statement in the bathroom and does not require additional drilling on the surface with circular base plates that stabilise the structure.

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Structure and Tap Holes:

Tap Structures: Contemporary bathroom taps are offered in both square and cylindrical structures. Square designs evoke a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, characterised by clean lines and sharp angles and are often chosen to complement modern bathroom designs that prioritise simplicity and sophistication. With timeless elegance, round structures offer a classic look with a soft aesthetic that adds warmth and charm. Round taps can soften the overall design scheme and create a welcoming atmosphere.  

Tap Holes: The modern bathroom taps curation ranges from twin to five tap hole structures, indicating the number of holes to be drilled for installation and mounting. Two tap holes house the handles and spout in one body while offering separate hot and cold water controls. With triple tap hole designs, there are two handles and a central spout which are accommodated within the same/separate base plates. Five tap hole taps stand out with the base plates that house each piece including the two handles, diverter, spout and handset.

By selecting taps that align with the overall design vision and meet the specific requirements of the installation, homeowners can achieve a cohesive and stylish look that enhances the beauty and usability of the bathroom. Invest in additional fittings including bath wastes to enliven the functionality of your space with quick draining for a rejuvenating routine any day! Explore more with us and watch your dream space materialise into a reality with Tapron.

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