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Bathroom Taps Buying Guide: Select the Perfect Fixtures

by E Cavendish 06 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Bathroom Taps Buying Guide: Select the Perfect Fixtures

Table Of Contents:

Introduction to Bathroom Taps Buying Guide

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing big-ticket items like showers and baths. However, it's the finer details that can truly transform your bathroom's aesthetics and functionality. Among these, bathroom taps play a pivotal role.

In this comprehensive bathroom taps buying guide, we will walk you through the different types of bathroom taps and the essential factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your bathroom upgrade.

Types of Bathroom Taps

Pillar Taps: Classic and Functional

Pillar taps, a classic choice, are typically found in UK homes. They are suitable for two tap-hole sinks, with separate hot and cold taps. You can choose between crosshead and lever-style handles, making them versatile for both traditional and modern bathroom designs.

Mixer Taps: Contemporary and Efficient

Modern and efficient, mixer taps combine hot and cold water into a single tap with easy temperature control. They are sleek and minimalist, making them ideal for contemporary bathrooms. Mixer taps also enhance safety, reducing the risk of burns or damage to your basin.

Wall-Mounted Taps: Stylish and Space-Saving

brushed stainless steel bathroom taps uk

For a modern and space-saving look, consider wall-mounted taps. These taps attach to the wall, providing a minimalist appearance with only the spout and controls visible. They are perfect if you want to create a feature aesthetic in your bathroom.

Waterfall Taps: Visually Stunning

Waterfall taps are a type of mixer tap that visually mimics a waterfall. The open-top spout allows water to cascade elegantly, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They come in various sizes and are controlled by a single, user-friendly handle.

Tall Basin Taps: Perfect for Countertop Basins

gold bathroom taps

Tall basin taps, often used with countertop basins, offer a stylish solution. They come in rounded or angular designs, and some even feature open spouts for a dramatic effect. These taps are an excellent choice for adding a contemporary touch to your bathroom.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps: Versatile and Functional

Bath shower mixer taps come in various designs, from traditional sit-on installations to contemporary freestanding options. They often include an additional hand-held shower head, making them versatile for bathing and cleaning tasks. Some even feature luxurious waterfall options.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bathroom Taps

1.Tap Holes: Matching Your Sink

The number of tap holes in your basin determines the type of bathroom taps you can choose. For one tap hole, opt for monobloc or mixer taps, while two tap holes are ideal for pillar taps. Keep in mind that replacing taps while keeping your existing basin may limit your options.

2.Spout Size and Style: Getting the Right Fit

Consider the depth and size of your basin when choosing the spout size. Taps should extend to the plug hole, ensuring efficient water flow. Lower spouts work well for compact basins in cloakroom bathrooms, while higher spouts are suitable for larger basins used for various tasks.

3.Water Pressure Compatibility: Ensuring Proper Performance

luxury bathroom taps

Water pressure is a crucial factor in tap selection. Low-pressure systems require specific taps designed for such conditions, while high-pressure systems offer more flexibility. Ensure that your chosen taps are compatible with your water system to achieve optimal performance.

4.Handles and Control: Style and Functionality

Select handles that match your bathroom's style and offer ease of use. Lever handles are perfect for contemporary settings and provide simple operation. Knobs are a more traditional option, while crosshead taps strike a balance between sleekness and tradition.

5.Finishes: Chrome-Effect and Beyond

Consider the finish of your bathroom taps to complement your overall design. Chrome-effect finishes are versatile and work well with various bathroom styles. For an elegant touch, brushed brass or matte black taps can be an excellent choice, adding a unique aesthetic to your bathroom.


Upgrading your bathroom with the right taps can make a significant difference in both style and functionality. With various types of taps available and key factors to consider, you can now make an informed choice that suits your preferences and bathroom requirements.

Whether you opt for classic pillar taps or contemporary waterfall taps, your bathroom will undoubtedly benefit from this small yet impactful change. Enhance your bathroom's appeal and enjoy the convenience of well-chosen bathroom taps.

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