Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers

Enhance your bathroom with the precision and elegance of thermostatic bath shower mixers, designed to deliver both functionality and luxury across the UK. These meticulously crafted mixers come in a variety of styles including traditional, contemporary, and everything in between, available in wall-mounted and deck-mounted configurations to suit any bathroom...

Enhance your bathroom with the precision and elegance of thermostatic bath shower mixers, designed to deliver both functionality and luxury across the UK. These meticulously crafted mixers come in a variety of styles including traditional, contemporary, and everything in between, available in wall-mounted and deck-mounted configurations to suit any bathroom layout.

Whether you're updating a classic bath or installing a modern bathroom suite, our thermostatic mixers provide the perfect blend of style and safety. They maintain constant water temperature, preventing the risk of scalding and ensuring a comfortable shower or bath every time.  Our collection includes models with built-in shower attachments, making them ideal for baths that double as showers. These versatile mixers are equipped with everything needed for a full and satisfying bath experience, including options with luxurious gold or antique brass finishes that add a touch of opulence to any space.

For those looking for a sleek, space-saving solution, our deck-mounted taps offer a compact design without compromising on performance or style. Alternatively, our wall-mounted models provide a clean, streamlined look that maximizes space in smaller bathrooms. Each thermostatic mixer is built with high-quality fittings and advanced ceramic disc technology for smooth, durable operation. The range includes options for every bathroom, from grand master suites to functional family bathrooms, ensuring that you can find the perfect tap to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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From traditional round, cylindrical structures to more innovative square silhouettes, Tapron’s assortment of thermostatic shower mixer taps invite bliss in everyday bathroom usability with durability that is balanced with functionality and aesthetic appeal. Designed for wall and deck mounting with suitability to most standard plumbing systems, these are modish fittings to adorn your space with and offer quick and easy accessibility with the round or square handles on either side of the bar valve. The design is completed with the central spout that is housed within the same tap structure with base plates that aid in quick mounting and easy installation.

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Features of Tapron’s Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers

The thermostatic bath tap has solid brass manufacturing and is characterised by the polished chrome finish that adds a sense of timelessness while adhering to the durability of the product. Tested for humid and wet environments, including your bathrooms, these taps are permanent home solutions and are embalmed with various advanced properties. With its resistance against corrosion and oxidation, the functionality is increased by the ceramic disc technology. These in-built discs provide reliable control over water flow and temperature, minimising the risk of leaks or drips. Additionally, the ceramic construction offers longevity and resistance to wear, contributing to the overall durability.

Typically designed with two tap holes, the range indicates compatibility with standard bath setups. Outlets range from single to twin designs where dual outlets allow the thermostatic bath mixer taps with shower head combination, allowing two ways for usability. Spouts are categorised into straight and curved designs with minimal designs that allow the perfect flow with an anti-spill property and are fixed structures that ensure stability and reliability in water delivery. It eliminates the need for manual adjustment, offering a consistent and predictable flow of water each time the tap is used.

The wall and deck mounted thermostatic bath shower mixer taps can be paired with a range of our shower fittings and bathroom accessories for a classic or trendy look that always remains in vogue. Extending to a range of chrome, black and gold products and more, Tapron offers you ready-made solutions for a fully-functional space. Explore our diverse collections of related products that might interest you: Bathroom Bath Wastes | Shower Accessories | Bathroom Accessories

Understanding the Functionality of Thermostatic Bath Mixer Taps

The thermostatic bath shower mixer tap offers a range of benefits including safety, convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort. Equipped with built-in thermostatic valves that control the temperature of the water, these valves mix hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature set by the user. The operation can be broken down into several key components:

Thermostatic Valve: The thermostatic mixer tap is devised with a valve that helps adjust water temperature and balances this flow with consistency. With advanced properties, this valve allows sensing changes in water temperature and pressure and responds accordingly to ensure a consistent flow of water at the desired temperature.

Temperature Control Handle: Another component of thermostatic bath taps is the temperature control handle. This handle is connected to the thermostatic valve and adjusts the ratio of hot and cold water accordingly. The stunning chrome range at Tapron offers both round and square handles with colour indicators or buttons that represent which handle controls hot/cold water flow.

Flow Control Handle: A selection of thermostatic bath shower mixer taps has control handles that balance the flow rate of water. This button is located just above the head of the spout which allows a beautiful cascade of water. This handle allows users to adjust the volume of water flowing from the tap without affecting the temperature.

Modern Bathroom Solutions with Thermostatic Mixer Taps

A thermostatic shower bath mixer offers several advantages over traditional taps. One of its primary benefits is its safety features. Devised with advanced features, it ensures that the water temperature remains constant, reducing the risk of scalding accidents caused by sudden fluctuations in temperature. This makes the selection a family-friendly addition and boosts safety by automatically shutting down flow or regulation in cases of system malfunctions or failures. Granting convenience to a maximum degree, the hassle of constantly adjusting the taps to maintain the desired temperature is eliminated where the desired water temperature can be set before the shower routine, which remains consistent throughout.

Both a modern and traditional thermostatic bath shower mixer at Tapron are provided with a manufacturer’s guarantee to give assurance to every buyer against unwanted compromise and malfunctions in products. Installation is easy and the wide selection caters to a range of low and high water pressure systems, ranging from 0.1 bar up to 3 bars.

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