Traditional Basin Taps

Discover timeless elegance with Tapron’s exquisite collection of traditional basin taps, meticulously designed to transform any bathroom into a classic sanctuary of style and comfort. Our selection embodies the grandeur of the Victorian era, seamlessly combining the charm of old-fashioned aesthetics with the functionality of modern craftsmanship. Our traditional bathroom...

Discover timeless elegance with Tapron’s exquisite collection of traditional basin taps, meticulously designed to transform any bathroom into a classic sanctuary of style and comfort. Our selection embodies the grandeur of the Victorian era, seamlessly combining the charm of old-fashioned aesthetics with the functionality of modern craftsmanship.

Our traditional bathroom taps are available in a variety of configurations including single lever, pillar, and the distinguished 3 hole setups, ensuring compatibility with any basin or wash sink. Each piece is fashioned from premium brass, offering durability and a lasting polished look that enhances any wash basin or bathroom sink.

These traditional mixer taps are designed for versatility, featuring both wall-mounted and deck-mounted options to suit your specific bathroom layout and design preferences. The wall-mounted taps help conserve space while adding an element of sophistication to your bathroom, whereas the deck-mounted models provide a more classic installation that complements a wide range of bathroom styles.

The finishes of our taps speak volumes about luxury, with choices ranging from the rich lustre of polished brass to the subtle elegance of brushed nickel. These taps are not merely functional but are crafted to be the centrepiece of your bathroom, adding a touch of historical luxury with every use.

Whether you are updating a cloakroom or revamping a large master bath, our basin taps are designed to fit both small and large spaces. The Victorian style mixer taps, equipped with modern features such as pop-up waste systems, ensure that your bathroom’s functionality is modernised without sacrificing its appeal.

The assortment also includes special features like tall spouts and vintage styles that reflect Edwardian finesse, perfect for those looking to recreate an authentic period look with contemporary engineering. This blend of old and new is what makes our traditional taps not just a purchase but an investment in your home’s comfort and style.

Explore Tapron’s sale to find the perfect traditional basin tap that not only meets your practical needs but also fulfils your desire for a bathroom that is both luxurious and stylistically enduring. Shop now to bring home the elegance that has stood the test of time, with Tapron’s guaranteed quality and exceptional customer service.

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Designed to evoke a timeless elegance and charm, traditional basin taps feature ornate detailing and intricate embellishments inspired by Victorian elements. These taps function with the same high-tech properties as all regular taps regardless of their design aesthetics. Finishes commonly used in traditional taps include polished chrome, brushed nickel and antique brass, enhancing the vintage-inspired look. Unlike the sleek, minimal design of modern taps, this curation typically offers separate handles for hot and cold water, allowing users to adjust the flow and temperature as required. Maintenance of our tapware demands little to no effort and does not require harsh cleaning agents. A gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth combined with mild soap or detergent restores its shine and glimmer effortlessly.

Tapron invites a personal touch to your homes by catering to all your prerequisites, extending from your kitchen to your bathrooms and shower areas. With a commitment towards excellence in design, craftsmanship and performance, we offer various styles, finishes and configurations to suit different design preferences and installation requirements. From modern to traditional style basin taps, our selection caters to incorporating the latest trends and technologies including ceramic disc cartridges, aerators and user-friendly installation manuals. Quality is assured by the solid brass and stainless steel manufacturing in tapware and other essentials with premium materials and components in its products, including solid brass construction and corrosion-resistant finishes.

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Exploring Colors and Finishes: Elevating Your Fixture Aesthetics

The traditional bathroom sink taps are defined and characterised by a rich diversity of black, chrome and gold shades. Chrome boasts a shiny surface that reflects light and adds brightness to any space. These taps are also popular owing to its durability, resistance to corrosion and its timeless appeal. The neutral solver-tone finish makes it ideal for spaces with limited natural light and can visually expand the space, enhancing the overall ambience. Black accents on taps, such as on the spout and levers, bring a contemporary touch and contrast brilliantly with the chrome body. They require simple upkeep, such as regular wiping with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution, to keep them looking sleek and pristine.

Classic basin taps are popular for rich and warm gold tones. Inviting opulence and charm, the finishes of this hue range from polished to brushed or satin gold, each adorned with a unique look and texture. Make the most suitable choices for your home without compromising your requirements or tastes. Learn more with our blog: THE BEST TAP CHOICES FOR TRADITIONAL BATHROOMS

Exploring a range of high-quality finishes, each of the old fashioned bathroom sink taps features a thick coating through different surface treatments in stunning polished, matt and brushed finishes. Marked by fine, parallel lines or a subtle texture on the surface of the metal, the brushed finish has a soft sheen that diffuses light and minimises reflections. These taps are known for their understated elegance and ability to conceal fingerprints and water spots effortlessly. 

A matt finish has a smooth surface with zero reflective properties with a low or no gloss at all. It differs from the brushed finish with its flat appearance and absence of visible texture, absorbing light rather than reflecting it with a soft, tactile quality. Known as mirror or high-gloss, polished chrome traditional basin mixer taps have reflective surfaces with a glossy finish. It produces mirror-like reflections however, is more prone to fingerprints and scratches as compared to the other two, needing regular maintenance. 

Handles and Spouts: The Defining Factors in Tap Design

Handles and spouts are defining factors that determine the look of your interior. With each traditional basin mixer tap devised with high-tech innovation regardless of its vintage design, these taps create a focal point in any basin space. A popular pick in this arrangement of products is the crosshead handles that feature cross-shaped structures as the name suggests. This design typically requires multiple turns to operate, allowing for precise control of water flow and temperature offered by two separate handles. The traditional pillar taps are ideal examples of this selection, featuring long-nose spouts that add character to the whole piece.

Pinch handles are also known as blade handles, and adorn a sleek and minimal design with its flat, blade-like shape. It shares a similar appeal to that of crosshead designs but is differentiated by the thinner, squeezed design. Traditional lever taps offer functionality that can be lifted or pushed to control water flow and temperature. The lever can vary in length and thickness, and it may have a straight or curved shape, depending on the specific design of the tap. This design is ideal as it provides a comfortable grip while offering simple and intuitive operation. Choosing between diverse designs involves considering some factors like the style of your bathroom, personal preference and the level of functionality and ease of use!

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Single-function and dual-function taps: A traditional single lever basin mixer tap offers a mono handle to control both flow and temperature. This control mechanism operates typically by moving the handle in one direction to adjust flow and on the opposite side for temperature regulation. These are popular owing to their space-saving properties and provide ample countertop space while avoiding clutter. Dual control taps, as the name suggests, offer separate handles for regulation. One handle controls the flow rate, usually by lifting or turning it, while the other handle controls the temperature by moving it from side to side or rotating it. These are considered ideal for daily use owing to the precision it offers where the independent controls do not hinder the flow while in use.

Another factor to consider is the spout type. The vintage style basin taps offer as many as four different spout structures, ranging from long-nose, swivel, swan neck and straight designs. With a simple outline, straight spouts are devoid of curves or bends. It provides a direct and focused stream of water with its linear outline and consists of a straight, unadorned tube or pipe that extends horizontally from the faucet body. Offering flexibility and compatibility to two-bowl sinks, swivel spouts are devised to rotate from side to side, allowing users to control the flow of water wherever needed. This design typically features a smooth, rounded shape to facilitate easy movement. Swan neck spouts have a curved, arched design that bends elegantly to allow a pleasant cascading flow. It is ideal to maximise counter space with its angled structure.

Traditional basin pillar taps with long nose spouts, also known as extended spouts, provide a tall and elongated design, extending vertically above the sink.  The longer reach also provides greater clearance and flexibility for performing various tasks. This design is commonly available with twin-hole installation with separate handles to regulate water and temperature balance. 

Choosing the Right Mounting Type for Your Taps

Offered in both wall and deck mounting, the traditional Victorian basin taps offer versatile choices to fit well with all plumbing demands and personal preferences. Factors such as the design of the space, the available plumbing configuration, and personal preferences play a vital role. Deck-mounted structures are installed directly onto the sink or countertop surface, requiring pre-drilled holes to accommodate the tap and handles. Since wall taps are designed to be installed on the wall above the sink, it enables a customisable height and clear clutter on the sink deck. They require a solid wall surface for proper installation and may involve additional plumbing work to connect the water supply lines.


The traditional bathroom sink mixer taps project suitability to most standard basins and plumbing systems, with compatibility with countertops, vanity basin units and pedestal basins. Whether you want a lightweight stainless steel traditional wash basin in square, rectangular and round structures, or you are looking for classic ceramic units with oval, square and angled designs, we offer a catalogue of only the best-quality fixtures to be paired with your tapware. Explore the diverse range with our related collections: Countertop Basins | Wall Mounted Basins| Basin Vanity Units


Understanding Tap Hole Configuration: Choosing the Right Setup

Tapron’s tapware ranges from Monobloc structures to a diverse assortment of 3 hole bathroom basin taps. The choice of tap holes depends on factors such as the type of tap being installed, the design aesthetic of the space, and personal preferences for functionality and style. A single tap hole configuration consists of one opening in the sink or countertop and is ideal for limited space and offers a clean look, requiring minimal drilling. Dual tap hole configurations require two openings, typically spaced a few inches apart and are typically found in traditional two-handle taps.

Designed to accommodate a three-piece setup, the triple tap holes are employed in widespread structures that are designed with two handles mounted separately with a central spout. This configuration offers a customizable layout, allowing for more flexibility in placement and design options and is often chosen for larger sinks or countertops with ample space. These basin mixer taps are available in wall and deck mounted designs, ensuring no limitations are posed on the choices you get while shopping with Tapron! 

Enhancing Performance: The Role of Ceramic Disc Technology and Aerators

Ceramic disc technology is a high-tech property that powers each tapware from our assortment, from modern to traditional hand basin taps. This property boosts tap performance by preventing unwanted leaks and drips while also providing an efficient water flow. The functionality is allowed by two highly durable in-build discs where one moves against a secondary stationary one, creating a path for free water flow without fluctuations. It also creates a watertight seal that prevents water from leaking when the tap is not in use, conserving water and minimising wastage without compromising usability. Marked with durability, this feature prevents the need for frequent renovations and repairs as it is highly tolerant to rusting and limescale buildups, making it ideal for tapware that is extensively used in humid bathroom environments.

Another advanced feature is the aerator that powers a selection of our traditional mono basin taps. Creating a soft, bubbling water flow, this property enables the perfect flow of water by integrating air into the water without compromising water pressure. It also effectively helps reduce water wastage and is available in various flow rates to suit different needs and preferences. By aerating the water stream, aerators help create a consistent and evenly distributed flow of water with added benefits including splash prevention that protects the walls in and around the basin area. This feature also provides an ideal filtration system to remove sediments and impurities, allowing a cleaner water flow.

Optimising Water Pressure: Understanding the water pressure requirements of your space is crucial when selecting the most suitable traditional mixer tap for your home. Our vast assortment offers low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) and high-pressure taps (1 bar-3 bars) depending on the requirements of your home. This helps determine the fixture performance as an incompatibility in water pressure can result in a weak flow, hindering overall usability. Finding the right pressure can also help prevent plumbing issues such as leaks, bursts and pipe damage.

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Exploring Basin Wastes for Drainage Solutions

There is much more to building a bathroom apart from choosing the most suitable old style taps for your space. Having a well-built and integrated drainage system goes a long way in enhancing bathroom usability as it enables quick and efficient wastewater disposal without giving the trouble of flooded spaces. Choosing the fitting first begins with deciding whether or not your sink has an overflow, in the absence of which an unslotted waste is used while a slotted waste is required in its presence. The click clack structure has a simple push mechanism that opens/closes it as per requirements and has watertight properties to prevent unwanted leaks.

Fliptop or pop-up wastes feature a mechanism that allows the drain plug to be opened or closed by simply pressing or flipping a lever located on the top of the waste outlet. Designed with a simple outlet with no mechanism for opening/closing the drain plug, the freeflow design remains permanently open to allow water to flow freely down the drain. A bottle trap is another solution that aids in the quick draining qualities where it serves as a seal to prevent unwanted sewage odour and gases from entering your space, allowing a serene and calm ambience at all times.

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Tapron Products, Delivery, and Customer Service

Each of the traditional brass basin taps is offered with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer, extending up to 15 years (depending on product and usage) to ensure every buyer with a quality fitting. This brings an assurance against any possible defects or malfunctions to make your shopping experience as peaceful and enthralling as you expect. Our team is dedicated to assisting every homeowner throughout the process of building a home from scratch. Reach out to us for any queries or troubleshooting issues, we are available via email and live chat. 


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