Concealed Shower Sets

Transform your bathroom into a seamless blend of style and function with Tapron's exquisite collection of concealed shower sets. Ideal for those seeking a streamlined aesthetic, our range features everything from simple single-outlet setups to luxurious triple-outlet systems, accommodating both modern and traditional décor.Each set is thoughtfully designed to include...

Transform your bathroom into a seamless blend of style and function with Tapron's exquisite collection of concealed shower sets. Ideal for those seeking a streamlined aesthetic, our range features everything from simple single-outlet setups to luxurious triple-outlet systems, accommodating both modern and traditional décor.
Each set is thoughtfully designed to include components such as thermostatic and manual mixers, fixed and handheld heads, ensuring a customisable shower experience that meets diverse needs. Choose from systems like dual or triple diverter valves that provide precise temperature and flow control, allowing for a multifunctional shower experience.

Crafted from the highest quality materials including robust brass and stainless steel, our sets are available in various finishes—polished chrome, matt black, brushed brass, antique brass, bronze and more. These shower packs are designed for durability and performance, with concealed valves that conserve space while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look.

For added functionality, our shower sets can include round or square valves, and kits with body jets, and rainfall shower heads offering a spa-like experience. Combination packs often come complete with bath fillers and overflow systems, creating a cohesive and functional suite. Our offerings range from designer luxury models that imbue elegance to practical, high-end sets designed for both exposed and recessed configurations. Whether you prefer the ornate Victorian style or something sleek and modern, our shower sets cater to a wide range of tastes and bathroom layouts.
Every set is engineered to meet rigorous standards, with features like bar valves for consistent water pressure and vertical or horizontal mounted options. Explore options with lever controls for ease of use and enjoy the convenience of systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing bathroom fittings.

Dive into our collection today to find the perfect concealed shower set to complete your bathroom renovation, offering unparalleled luxury and functionality. Tapron ensures every product, from a single-way valve to a 3-in-1 luxury set, meets the highest standards of quality and design.

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Tapron is home to an extensive range of bathroom and kitchen tapware and provides meticulously crafted pieces that extend to all areas of your home. From shower fittings to accessories, toilet units, shower valves and more, the user-friendly interface enables quick browsing, allowing users to assemble necessities for the bathrooms and kitchens with a simple click. Shower mixer sets offer a complete solution for transforming your daily shower routine into a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. From sleek and modern designs to advanced features, these sets come in a variety of configurations to suit every preference and style.

Minimising the hassle of picking each fitting piece by piece, these concealed shower sets are ideal as they are tested for suitability and functionality that complement each other. The combination sets vary in components from product to product, each catering to diverse factors including space requirements, personal preference in colours and finishes, water pressure demands and more!

Types of Shower Sets

Modern shower sets come in various types, each offering unique features and functionalities tailored to different preferences and needs. Some common selections include:

Rainfall Shower Sets: Rainfall concealed mixer shower sets epitomise luxury and indulgence in the realm of shower experiences. With their standout feature—a large overhead shower head—these sets deliver an unparalleled sensation akin to standing beneath a gentle, refreshing rain shower. The showerhead typically spans a generous diameter to ensure broad coverage and an immersive showering experience. As water cascades from the overhead fixture, it envelops the body in a cascade of warmth, creating a soothing and rejuvenating sensation that melts away the stresses of the day. It is paired with additional fittings including shower arms, risers and shower wastes.

Handheld Shower Sets: These shower mixer sets are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind, featuring a detachable hand shower that can be easily manoeuvred for targeted rinsing and cleaning. This versatile showering option allows users to direct the water flow precisely where needed. The showerhead is paired with a flexible hose, providing added mobility and ease of use. With adjustable spray settings and ergonomic designs, these sets offer blissful daily usability.

Combination Shower Sets: Combining both rainfall and handheld showerheads in one set, this bathroom shower set offers the best of both worlds, allowing users to switch between different showering options. Whether you crave the immersive sensation of rainfall or the precision of a handheld shower, users can easily adjust the water flow and temperature to create the perfect shower experience.

Thermostatic Shower Sets: Featuring a concealed thermostatic shower valve that maintains a constant water temperature, these sets ensure a safe and comfortable showering experience by preventing sudden temperature fluctuations. Equipped with advanced temperature control features, the valve automatically adjusts the hot and cold water supply to maintain the desired temperature and eliminates the risk of scalding and provides a safe showering experience.

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Components of Concealed Showers

Concealed showers consist of several components that work together to deliver a complete showering experience. These components may vary depending on the type and configuration of the set but commonly include:

Showerhead: The main component of the set, the shower head is responsible for delivering water to the user. From rainfall shower heads, handsets and combination designs, these offer diverse configurations in ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted structures.

Handheld shower: It works in connnection with the shower hose.

Shower Hose: Connecting the handheld shower to the water supply, the shower hose provides flexibility and mobility. Paired with a handheld handset, this component allows users to move the handset as needed, directing the water flow with precision.

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Overflow Bath Filler with Waste: An overflow bath filler with waste is a component commonly found in concealed shower combinations, offering a convenient and efficient solution for filling the bathtub while also providing overflow protection. This integrated system consists of two main parts: the overflow filler and the waste outlet. Positioned near the top of the bathtub, the overflow filler allows water to flow into the tub from the main water supply, ensuring a quick and efficient filling process. It also features an overflow outlet that prevents the bathtub from overflowing by redirecting excess water down the drain.

Rigid Risers/Sliding Rails: Offering support and adjustability for showerheads and handsets, these features are vertical supports that provide stability and rigidity in customising the height and position of shower fixtures to suit individual preferences and needs. Adjustable rigid risers allow users to balance the height of the showerhead or handset to their desired position, ensuring optimal comfort and coverage during showering.

Sliding rails offer flexibility and versatility in adjusting the position of concealed shower mixer sets horizontally. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, sliding rails feature a sliding mechanism that allows users to move the showerhead or handset along the rail to their preferred location. This adjustability is particularly beneficial for households with multiple users or varying height preferences.

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Shower Valve: Controlling the flow and temperature of water, the concealed thermostatic shower valve is a critical component of the set, offered in both exposed and concealed designs. It features thermostatic controls, diverter switches, and other advanced features including ceramic disc cartridges for leakproof usability. This critical component ensures a safe and comfortable showering experience by preventing sudden fluctuations in water temperature. Learn more: SHOWER VALVES BUYING GUIDE

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