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A perfect spa-like experience is enhanced by the choices that you make for your bathroom. Why not get a body jet for your home improvement this time? Shower jets work wonders when boosting the bath experience with its modeled designs and the purpose it serves. The shower body jets require...

A perfect spa-like experience is enhanced by the choices that you make for your bathroom. Why not get a body jet for your home improvement this time? Shower jets work wonders when boosting the bath experience with its modeled designs and the purpose it serves. The shower body jets require effortless maintenance and have a polished finish with a relatively easy installation process.

The shower jet system is made of sturdy brass and is here to stay! Assured with a manufacturer’s guarantee, these shower body jet kits come with a revolutionary sketch to allow maximum precision, control, and water flow. With our body jet shower system, we yield to deliver to our customers a luxury bathroom experience that comes with great delicacy.

You can always pair our series of showerheads with body jets or a slide rail kit. These shower body jets bring an equal balance of grandeur and convenience and are designed only for the best! Enliven your ideas and make the right choices for your home with us!

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Designed to function in square and round profiles, shower panel body jets at Tapron invite the perfect balance of comfort that meets sophistication. With solid brass construction and high-quality chrome finishes, these fittings are a luxurious addition to any shower system, offering a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. The sensation of being enveloped in warm water from multiple angles creates a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, making every shower feel like a luxurious indulgence.

These specialised shower body jets are designed to deliver streams of water onto your body, providing a therapeutic massage and enhancing the overall shower experience. The functionality is allowed by delivering pulsating streams of water that can help relax muscles, relieve tension, and soothe aches and pains. The adjustable pressure settings allow users to customise the massage experience to your liking, providing targeted relief where you need it most.

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Design Options for a Shower Jet System: Customising Your Shower Experience

Number of Jets: Shower jets are available in various configurations, including single-jet, dual-jet, and multi-jet systems. The number of jets you choose depends on preferences and the size of the shower enclosure. With different spray patterns, such as pulsating, massage, rainfall, and mist, these fixtures allow a personalised routine effortlessly.

Adjustability: Investing in shower body jet kits includes adjustable settings, such as angle, intensity, and pattern, which enables users to customise the showering experience by targeting specific areas of the body for a relaxing massage. Each product adheres to a particular water pressure requirement, enabling users to choose one that best meets the requirements of their home.

Integration with Other Fixtures: The shower body jets & tiles combination works excellently at delivering a shower experience that feels relaxing while providing excellent aesthetic appeal to the enclosure or shower. These can be paired with additional fittings including handheld showers, rain showerheads and body sprays, projecting excellent versatility with the universal suitability to all standard fixtures and plumbing systems.

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Installation Considerations

Plumbing Requirements: Installing a body jet shower requires access to a water supply line and drain line. It is important to consult with a professional plumber to ensure that the existing plumbing system can accommodate the additional fixtures.

Location and Layout: Shower jet kits are installed on the walls of the shower enclosure, but can also be integrated into shower benches or built-in seating areas for a more customised experience. Proper spacing and placement are essential for achieving optimal coverage and massage effect. Ideally, body jets should be installed at varying heights and angles to provide comprehensive coverage of the body.

Water Pressure and Flow Rate: While installing jet showers, it is important to ensure that the water supply system can deliver sufficient pressure and flow rate to support the operation of the jets. Lower or higher water pressure than required can affect the performance of the jets and diminish the massage effect.

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