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Transform your shower experience with Tapron’s comprehensive collection of shower accessories, meticulously designed to harmonise with both contemporary and classic bathroom interiors. Our selection spans from essential fittings like shower hoses and heads to sophisticated thermostatic and manual mixer valves, ensuring every shower is a pinnacle of comfort and control.Dive...

Transform your shower experience with Tapron’s comprehensive collection of shower accessories, meticulously designed to harmonise with both contemporary and classic bathroom interiors. Our selection spans from essential fittings like shower hoses and heads to sophisticated thermostatic and manual mixer valves, ensuring every shower is a pinnacle of comfort and control.

Dive into our diverse range of shower heads, available in styles to suit any preference—from fixed models and flexible handsets to invigorating body jets. Our hoses are crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal, offered in lengths from standard to extra-long and in materials like brass and stainless steel. These come finished in an array of choices such as brushed brass, black, chrome, and nickel, perfectly matching any bathroom decor.
Our valves are designed for precision and ease, featuring single, twin, and triple outlet options with thermostatic controls to maintain perfect water temperature, safeguarding against fluctuations even when other water sources in the home are in use. Available in both exposed and concealed configurations, these valves complement any design scheme, from modern minimalism to Victorian luxury, with finishes including matt, polished, and brushed surfaces.

For enhanced functionality, our shower rails and supports offer reliable stability and versatility, adjustable to fit various setups. Complement your selection with our multifunctional bath fillers and diverters, ideal for bathrooms that serve double duty with both bathing and showering facilities.

Whether you’re looking for a new shower or upgrading an existing one is effortless with our shower kits and sets, which include all the necessary components for a complete overhaul—heads, hoses, valves, and more, all designed to work together seamlessly. These sets are not only practical but also elegantly styled to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Beyond functionality, elevate your space with luxurious touches like gold, antique brass, and brushed bronze finishes. Our designer shower accessories include everything from high-end riser kits to stylishly recessed niches and corner baskets, perfect for keeping your bathing essentials neatly organised.

Every item in our collection is thoughtfully selected to ensure high quality and durability, suited for the rigorous demands of daily use. From simple replacements like flexible pipes and robust wall brackets to elaborate shower systems with body jets and overflow solutions, we have everything you need to create a bespoke showering experience.
Whether you’re in the market for basic shower fittings or a luxurious ensemble, our range of shower accessories promises unmatched quality and style. Our offerings cater to a variety of water pressures and installation types, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetic needs. 

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In the realm of bathroom design and functionality, the importance of shower accessories cannot be overstated. Crafted with durability in mind, Tapron’s range of accessories is meticulously designed using a combination of premium materials such as brass, stainless steel, and ABS plastic. These materials not only ensure longevity but also contribute to the overall sturdiness and reliability in everyday use. From answering queries on where to buy a douche or other similar bathroom amenities to providing resources to make installation and product selection easy, we offer ready-made solutions, curated to meet the best interests of all homeowners.

Variety is the hallmark of our shower accessories, and this extends beyond mere functionality to encompass a diverse range of finishes and colours, each catering to different tastes and preferences. From brushed to matt, polished to textured, the accessories and fittings come in an array of finishes that add a touch of sophistication and style to any bathroom decor. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of chrome, the opulence of gold, the sleekness of black, the contemporary appeal of nickel, the subtle charm of rose gold, or the pristine simplicity of white, there is a finish to suit every aesthetic sensibility.


Shower Hoses

Tapron’s bath tap shower hoses are crafted from durable metals and invite the perfect balance between innovation and versatility in modern bathroom accessories. These fixtures are meticulously designed to combine durability with lightweight construction and offer a host of benefits that elevate the showering experience to new heights. 

Despite their robust construction, the long shower hoses are nimble and easy to manoeuvre, thanks to their innovative design. By utilising lightweight metals and advanced manufacturing techniques, these hoses strike the perfect balance between durability and agility, allowing for effortless handling and smooth water flow.

Versatility is another hallmark of the lightweight bath shower hose, and is compatible with a wide range of shower systems and fixtures. Whether you have a standard shower head, a handheld sprayer, or a combination of both, these hoses can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs.

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Shower Head Holders

The shower head holders are seemingly small accessories that play a crucial role in ensuring that your shower head remains securely in place, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free shower experience with ease. Constructed from durable materials to withstand constant exposure to water and steam in the shower environment, the sturdy construction ensures that the shower head stays firmly in place, preventing it from slipping or falling during use with adjustable mechanisms and secure mounting options,

In addition to the functional benefits, the shower handset holder also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, offered in a selection of square and round profiles. It is structured for wall mounting and remains intact on the installed surface even with extensive use. Whether you want a square shower head holder or one with circular base plates, these accessories combine durability, versatility, and style.

The stunning assortment of shower head brackets adorns a flexible hose and ergonomic handle that provides maximum manoeuvrability and control during use.

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Douche Kits

A douche shower kit is designed to provide individuals with everything they need for effective and hygienic cleansing. Whether for personal care, medical reasons, or simply enhanced cleanliness, these kits offer convenience, versatility, and peace of mind. 

At the core of every douche kit is a high-quality douche, that ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning, promoting hygiene and freshness. With various nozzle sizes and shapes available including the round and square structures, users can choose the option that best suits their comfort and preferences. The components of a wall mounted douche spray kit include the spray head, hose and mounting bracket/holder.

Douching kits at Tapron are offered in designs with ranging water pressure requirements, from high to low-pressure systems. Its suitability to most plumbing systems makes these versatile choices and are considered as formulated cleaning solutions to ensure proper sanitation. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure safe usage, while compact storage options make them ideal for all modern homes. An advanced option is provided by the Wall-Mounted Digital Display Shower Douche Holder With Bracket, Hose And Handle - Matt which has a standout feature with its integrated digital display, which allows for precise control of water temperature and flow. 

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Shower Elbows

A shower wall outlet elbow is a crucial element in the plumbing infrastructure of showers, serving as connectors between the water supply pipe and the showerhead. One of the key features of shower elbows is their adjustable design, which allows for flexibility in directing the flow of water. This enables users to customise the angle and position of the showerhead according to their preferences, optimising comfort and convenience during showers.

The shower outlet elbow with holder accommodates different plumbing setups and installation requirements. Whether for traditional wall-mounted showers or overhead rain showers, these fittings are designed to meet the specific needs of any bathroom design. Available in various sizes and configurations, the shower outlet elbow selection caters to different installation requirements, making them versatile solutions for both residential and commercial bathrooms.

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Shower Wastes

Shower wastes are essential components of any shower system, responsible for draining water efficiently and preventing overflow or pooling. These fittings are typically located at the base of the shower, where they connect to the drainpipe to facilitate the removal of wastewater.

Constructed from durable materials like brass and stainless steel combined with ABS plastic, Tapron offers some of the best shower waste selection, designed to withstand constant exposure to water and other bathroom conditions. It is also tested against extreme temperature fluctuations and exposure which makes these perfect investments for modern spaces.

One of the primary functions of shower traps and wastes is to prevent water from accumulating on the shower floor, thereby reducing the risk of slips and falls. By quickly draining away wastewater, the fittings help maintain a safe and hygienic bathing environment for users of all ages.

Traditional waste traps for showers feature simple yet effective designs, consisting of a grate or cover over the drain opening to prevent debris from clogging the pipe. More advanced models incorporate additional features such as built-in traps or filters to further enhance drainage and prevent blockages. See collection: Shower Wastes

Shower Trays

A wetroom shower tray provides a levelled surface for showering while also ensuring proper drainage of water. Unlike traditional tray designs, which are raised and enclosed, Tapron’s modern curations are designed to sit flush with the floor, creating a seamless and open showering space.

These shower tray traps are typically constructed from materials such as durable polymers, fibreglass, or stone resin, chosen for their waterproof properties and are offered in various dimensions and sizes. The low-profile design allows for easy access and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the wetroom, creating a modern and minimalist look.

One of the key features of wetroom shower trays is its sloped surface, which ensures efficient drainage of water towards the waste outlet. This slope, combined with a waterproof membrane installed beneath the tray, prevents water from pooling and helps maintain a dry and hygienic environment. From square to rectangular trays, these fittings offer options to suit every design preference and layout.

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Shower Baskets

Shower baskets are practical and stylish storage solutions designed to keep your shower essentials organised and easily accessible. These baskets typically attach to the shower wall or enclosure, providing a convenient place to store daily amenities and toiletries. The range of designs offers simple wire baskets to sleek metal shelves, while a selection features multiple tiers or compartments, maximising storage space and allowing for better organisation.

Installation of bathroom hanging baskets is typically straightforward, with options for mounting them directly to the wall while some are designed to hang over the showerhead or attach to the shower door with suction cups, offering flexibility for users who prefer not to drill into tiles. By keeping toiletries off the floor or edges of the bathtub, bathroom wall baskets help prevent clutter while also making it easier to clean the shower enclosure.

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Body Jets

A bathroom body jet shower is designed to provide a relaxing and invigorating bathing experience. Installed in the walls of the shower enclosure, these fixtures are equipped with multiple nozzles that emit a steady stream of water. One of the main benefits is the ability to deliver targeted hydrotherapy to specific areas of the body.

By directing streams of water at different angles and pressures, shower body jets can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. This makes them ideal for soothing sore muscles or unwinding after a long day, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating space in the luxury of your home! Allowing a customisable shower experience, these minimally designed jets allow users to adjust the position, angle, and intensity of the water streams to their preference.

Installation of shower body jet kits requires professional plumbing expertise, as they need to be integrated into the shower wall and connected to the existing water supply. However, once installed, these products are relatively low maintenance and can provide years of enjoyment with proper care.

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Shower Niches

Shower niches are innovative and practical storage solutions that are integrated directly into the walls of a shower enclosure. These recessed shelves or compartments provide a convenient and stylish way to store shower essentials without taking up valuable space or detracting from the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

One of the key benefits of bathroom wall niche inserts is their ability to declutter the shower area and create a clean and streamlined look. By recessing storage into the wall, it eliminates the need for bulky caddies or shelves that can clutter the space and collect water, soap scum, and mildew. This not only makes the shower area easier to clean but also reduces the risk of slips and falls by keeping the floor clear of clutter.

Niches come in a variety of styles, from gold shower niches to various size configurations, to suit different shower designs and user preferences. Ideally, these adornments should be located within easy reach of the user and positioned away from the direct stream of water to prevent products from getting wet.

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