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The perfect shower space comes with a wide assortment of products that are incorporated together to give you the feel of a classic and luxurious bath. This includes the showerheads, which may seem like a small detail but greatly affects the quality of bath experience that you will have.  We...

The perfect shower space comes with a wide assortment of products that are incorporated together to give you the feel of a classic and luxurious bath. This includes the showerheads, which may seem like a small detail but greatly affects the quality of bath experience that you will have. 

We offer a wide range of products ranging from ceiling mounted to wall mounted shower heads adorned with a good quality and ensured with maximum functionality.

Our Premium shower heads come with a stunning hard-brassware construction, high resistance to rust and corrosion. These overhead showers are devised to bring only the best with adjustability to any water pressure and free water flow. This can also be found in our waterfall shower heads that give rainfall effect with maximum body coverage for a fresh and pleasant shower anytime you want!

Some of these showersheads come with LED functions, a great pick with colour adjustability controls if you want to attribute a mod and fancy essence  to your shower!

We also have traditional shower heads that add a tinge of elegance and vintage feel with its brushed and lustrous finish designed with precision and reassuring quality. Talking about our modern shower heads, they add a more trendy look with their compact and neat designs and suitability to the water pressure of your homes.

Browse through our extensive collection of shower heads made of the finest materials for the best bathroom experience you deserve! Whether you are looking for a gold shower head or a square shower head, we have a crafted selection of timeless designs to fit best with all your bathroom needs. With us, the choices you get are endless. You name them; we have them for you!

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Building a rainfall shower space for a relaxing routine concerns picking fixtures including modern shower heads. The various components also include handsets, shower arms and risers. With detailed specifications under each product, Tapron offers these products separately or in sets, allowing homeowners to customise a desirable space without taking up much space. When selecting shower fittings, various factors to consider include the design aesthetics- whether you are looking for modern or traditional designs, water pressure- fixtures ranging from high to low-pressure suitability, considering the specific features and functionalities you desire and installation requirements.

Shop for the best water saving shower heads at Tapron where comfort meets luxury. With an endless array of styles, features, and technologies available, choosing the right piece can transform your daily routine into a luxurious escape. With solid brass and stainless steel manufacturing, these fixtures withstand the test of time with the solid construction while the high-quality coating and finishes complement the durability with resistance to fingerprints, stains and tarnish.

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Understanding Shower Heads For A Relaxing Daily Shower

Bringing every homeowner face-to-face with a stunning range of shower heads for sale, these fixtures come in a myriad of styles, shapes, and functionalities.

Fixed Shower Heads: The fixed range includes round and square shower heads that provide a steady and consistent stream of water for a refreshing shower experience. These fixtures are mounted directly onto the shower wall or ceiling, offering a fixed position for water flow. It offers simplicity of use with minimal adjustment requirements.

Available in various spray patterns, including standard, rainfall, and pulsating jets, these allow users to customise the shower experience according to preferences. The availability in various sizes and dimensions diversifies the choices of fixed shower heads and is offered in exclusive modern and traditional selections.

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Handheld Shower Heads: The shower handset selection offers versatility and convenience that fixed shower heads cannot match. The water efficient of a handheld shower attached to a flexible hose, allow users to hold and manoeuvre it as needed. Providing the flexibility and control you need, these fittings offer the advantage of targeting specific areas with precision.

The adjustable spray settings and flexibility of the water saving shower head make it easy to direct the water flow exactly, ensuring thorough rinsing and cleaning. Additionally, these are adorned with advanced functionalities including pause features, allowing users to temporarily stop the water flow while conserving water. In terms of installation, this selection typically requires a shower arm mount or bracket to hold the hose in place when not in use.

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Rainfall Shower Heads: The rain shower head is designed to mimic the sensation of standing beneath a gentle rain shower, providing a luxurious and immersive bathing experience. These fixtures typically have a larger surface area than traditional shower heads, allowing for a wide and even distribution of water that envelops the body in a soothing cascade. Installation involves mounting the fixture directly onto the shower arm or ceiling while depending on the size and weight of the fixture, additional support may be required to ensure stability and proper water flow.

This gentle and continuous stream of water creates a relaxing and therapeutic sensation, perfect for unwinding after a long day or starting your morning on a refreshing note. The wide coverage area of the large shower head ensures thorough rinsing and cleaning, while the gentle flow of water minimises splashing and runoff, helping to keep the bathroom floor dry and safe.

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Features and Functions: What to Look For

Modern overhead shower heads come with an array of features and functions to enhance your shower experience. Designed to enhance your daily routine, Tapron’s curation offers advanced features including multiple spray patterns, water-saving technology and adjustability for maximum comfort.

Spray Patterns: Fixed showerheads offer different spray patterns, such as rain, mist, massage, and jet, allowing you to customise your shower experience according to your preferences. It allows for a rejuvenating routine with space-saving fittings that complement all interiors while rendering effortless functionality.

Water-saving Technology: Many overhead showers are equipped with water-saving features like aerators and flow restrictors, helping users conserve water without sacrificing performance.

Adjustable Settings: An overhead shower head with adjustable settings allows users to control the water pressure, spray pattern, and temperature, giving the ultimate control over shower experience. It maintains consistency and balance, allowing a hassle-free flow and regulation of temperature and water.

LED Lighting: For a touch of luxury and ambience, some rainfall shower heads feature built-in LED lighting that changes colour based on water temperature, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. This includes the stunning Aquamist Recessed Shower Head With Mist Cascade & Rain Function, sporting a sleek square profile with various modes including rainfall, waterfall and mist cascade. It serves perfectly when paired with a concealed shower valve.

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