1 Outlet Shower Valves

Enhance your bathroom with Tapron’s superior collection of 1 outlet shower valves, meticulously designed to offer both style and unparalleled functionality. Our selection caters to every taste, featuring both modern and traditional designs, available in a range of finishes including polished chrome, matt black, brushed brass, antique brass, brushed bronze...

Enhance your bathroom with Tapron’s superior collection of 1 outlet shower valves, meticulously designed to offer both style and unparalleled functionality. Our selection caters to every taste, featuring both modern and traditional designs, available in a range of finishes including polished chrome, matt black, brushed brass, antique brass, brushed bronze and more.

Each valve in our collection is crafted from high-quality materials such as solid brass and stainless steel, ensuring durability and a luxurious appearance. The valves are available in both concealed and exposed styles, allowing you to choose according to your bathroom layout and design preference. Whether you opt for a sleek, modern look with a concealed valve or a more classic, exposed setup, each piece promises to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics.

Our thermostatic shower valves are engineered for safety and comfort, equipped with features that maintain precise temperature control. This prevents scalding and ensures a consistent shower experience, even when there are fluctuations in water pressure. The valves are designed to be multi-functional, suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, making them versatile for any home.

These designs include both horizontal and vertical orientations, providing flexibility for installation. For a touch of traditional luxury, our Victorian style valves feature ornate details and classic lever handles, while our modern options boast clean lines and minimalistic styling. Our collection also includes designer pieces that are both functional and decorative, perfect for those who seek a statement piece in their bathroom. With options like gold, bronze, and nickel finishes, each valve is a testament to sophisticated design and high-end craftsmanship.

Discover the best in bathroom fittings with Tapron’s collection of 1 outlet shower valves. Shop now to find the perfect match for your shower system, and enjoy the blend of luxury, functionality, and style that only we can provide.

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Tapron’s single outlet shower valve assortment is designed to control the flow and temperature of water to a single shower fixture, such as a fixed showerhead or a handheld shower. These fixtures are made with durable brass material that withstand corrosion and oxidation. The brushed, polished and matt finishes allow homeowners to customise the options for a sophisticated bath area while enhancing durability by making the products less prone to stains, scratches and tarnish.

The single outlet shower fixture allows users to adjust the temperature of the water by blending hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature. They feature a single or dual handle or knob for temperature control, ranging in a stunning selection of levers, crossheads, round and square handles that allow smooth navigation and accessibility. Available in both concealed and exposed structures, these valves simplify your bathing rituals with luxury and comfort with the user-friendly design and easy installation manual.

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Why You Need Outlet Valves

The main function of the single outlet concealed shower valve is to regulate temperature control while allowing smooth flow via the outlet. These valves regulate the flow rate of water to the shower fixture, allowing users to adjust the intensity of the water flow according to their preferences. The convenient on/off function allow users to easily start and stop the flow of water with a single motion of the handle or knob without a complicated manual which makes these family-friendly adornments.

Offering a straightforward solution for controlling flow and temperature, the concealed shower valve with single outlet flaunts space-saving properties. Installation is hassle-free and involves connecting the valve to the hot and cold water supply lines and mounting it securely to the wall. Our diverse assortment also offers dual and triple outlet designs, enabling homeowners to customise the space as per tastes and space limitations.

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Components of 1 Outlet Valves

Handles: The selection of single concealed shower valves include square, crosshead, round and lever handles. While some designs offer two separate hot/cold water controls, another selection offers single buttons to control flow. These valves are popular for the two-tone designs and the exclusive range which feature a mix and match of handle designs. The traditional selection stands out with embellished details and intricate lettering on the tap head that denotes which controls hot/cold water.

Base Plate: Typically offered in a vertical orientation, the single outlet shower system has sleek rectangular base plates which do more than provide stability and support to the structure. The plate also helps cover any gaps or imperfections around the opening for a neater and more finished appearance, playing a crucial role in ensuring the proper installation and functionality in various plumbing applications.

Concealed/Exposed Design: A concealed shower valve is installed within the wall cavity, with only the control handles or knobs visible on the surface. By hiding the valve body, this selection provides a clean and minimal look, saving space drastically in the shower area. With only the control handles exposed, maximum accessibility is provided while being less prone to accidental damage and knocks.

The exposed range has bar shower valves and a visible body that is mounted onto the surface of the wall. Since these do not require recessing into the wall, installation is simple and does not demand many modifications. The exposed design of these valves also makes them more accessible for maintenance and repairs, as all components are visible and can be easily accessed.

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