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Modernise your bathroom with an exquisite 2 outlet shower valve, designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern or traditional setting. These valves offer the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, making them an essential component of any sophisticated bathroom setup. Our 2 outlet thermostatic shower valves ensure precise temperature control,...

Modernise your bathroom with an exquisite 2 outlet shower valve, designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern or traditional setting. These valves offer the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, making them an essential component of any sophisticated bathroom setup. Our 2 outlet thermostatic shower valves ensure precise temperature control, providing a safe showering experience by maintaining constant water temperature, even when water pressure fluctuates. This feature, coupled with advanced thermostatic technology, prevents scalding, making our valves ideal for families with young children or elderly members.

Choose from a variety of styles including contemporary, traditional, Victorian, and old-fashioned designs, all available in luxurious finishes such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, matt black, antique brass, and stainless steel. The designer quality of our valves is evident in every detail, from the sleek horizontal and vertical configurations to the expertly crafted lever and twin handle designs.

For those who value durability and style, our valves are constructed from high-end materials like solid brass, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. Our modern and manual mixer valves come with dual functionality, allowing you to control multiple shower functions such as a fixed showerhead combined with body jets or a hand shower with a bath filler.

The concealed, recessed, or surfaced mounted options offer versatile installation solutions that can adapt to any bathroom layout, providing a clean and uncluttered look. Each valve is equipped with a diverter, making it easy to switch between outlets and enhancing the functionality of your shower system.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist setup with a single bar or a more elaborate arrangement with triple or four-way systems, our collection has something to suit every taste and bathroom design. The luxury of brushed brass or the sleek sophistication of black and bronze options can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and style.

Discover the perfect balance of form and function with Tapron’s 2 outlet shower valves—your source for the best in bathroom fittings, where exceptional quality meets cutting-edge design.

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Made from solid brass or stainless steel construction that grants each fixture a strong resistance to rust and oxidation, the selection of 2 outlet shower valves flaunts durability and prolongs usage. Tapron offers a diverse selection of colours and hues, ranging from bold shades to black, gold and nickel to more subtle hues of stainless steel, rose gold, bronze and chrome, these pieces are perfect for extensive use in heavy-traffic bathroom environments and remain with pristine charm even with years of extensive use. 

The finishes range is brushed, polished and matt selection which grants the adornment a smooth and distinct textured surface, making the product less prone to wear and tear. While keeping the base metal protected, this finish also adds a charming allure and makes cleaning easy.

Elevate your showering experience with a two outlet shower valve, meticulously engineered to regulate water flow and temperature for two distinct shower fixtures simultaneously. Revel in the luxury of multiple showering options, seamlessly switching between a fixed overhead showerhead and a handheld counterpart. Controlled by a centrally positioned diverter that provides intuitive flow controls, our dual valves redefine convenience and versatility. This is an excellent space-saving fixture as it reduces clutter by keeping up to two fittings connected.

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Understanding  2 Outlet Shower System

Among the array of fixtures enhancing the shower experience, 2 outlet shower systems stand out for their ability to offer versatility and efficiency. These valves are engineered to regulate the flow and temperature of water for two separate shower fixtures concurrently with an integrated diverter mechanism, allowing users to switch between the two outlets seamlessly. This design offers users the flexibility to tailor their shower experience according to various preferences, alternating between a rainfall shower or the targeted precision of a handheld shower.

The outlet valves offer a diverse selection of handle options, with the modern range including square and round structures while the traditional selection has two-tone designs in crossheads, levers and pinch designs. The number of handles vary from dual to triple designs arranged vertically or horizontally on a base plate with concealed structures. These controls offer independent hot and cold water flow with a firm grip that makes usability comfortable. The intricate lettering on the head in a selection of these valves makes accessibility more friendly for all users.

Dual Outlet Valves with Kit

A diverse assortment caters to complete combination sets comprising of the 2 outlet shower valve and a hand shower. While these fixtures are also available separately, it minimises the hassle of picking each product piece by piece, based on compatibility and suitability. The designs range from rectangular base plates that house all the elements together to styles with circular plates that accommodate the two handles and handsets separately in three-hole structures. Typically designed for wall mounting, the recessed structure enables hiding pipeworks within the walls, enabling a compact and clean interior.

By controlling the flow of water to two outlets, these valves promote efficient water usage where users can minimise water wastage by utilising only the required outlet, contributing to water conservation efforts. See more about your valve selection with our ready-made resources. Visit our blog: DESIGNING YOUR DREAM SHOWER: A GUIDE TO 2 OUTLET SHOWER VALVES

Thermostatic Shower System

The 2 outlet thermostatic bar shower valve is a family-friendly fitting that attends to the needs of all homes and users by maintaining a constant water temperature, while pressure-balancing valves ensure consistent water pressure, offering users a safe and comfortable shower experience. The thermostatic feature ensures consistent water temperature, offering users a comfortable and enjoyable showering experience. By automatically adjusting the hot and cold water supply to maintain the desired temperature, it eliminates sudden fluctuations and scalding risks.

With dual outlet convenience, the valve selection allows a customisable shower experience while enhancing safety features. The thermostatic element reacts quickly to changes in water temperature, maintaining a constant output even if there are fluctuations in the supply.

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Single-Outlet Shower Valves: Crafted for efficiency and simplicity, a single-outlet concealed shower valve orchestrates the water flow and temperature for a single shower fixture, be it a showerhead or handheld shower. Effortlessly adjustable handles empower users to fine-tune water temperature and flow strength. Streamlined and user-friendly, these valves are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Triple-Outlet Shower Valves: Unleash the epitome of customisation with our triple-outlet shower valve, designed to manage flow and temperature for three distinct shower fixtures. From luxurious showerheads to invigorating body jets and even bathtub fillers, our triple-outlet valves cater to every preference. Each fixture boasts its dedicated handle, enabling independent adjustment of flow rate and temperature, ensuring a personalised shower experience like no other!

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