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At Tapron, we celebrate the charm and warmth of traditional kitchen designs with our extensive range of traditional kitchen taps, perfect for those who cherish a timeless, vintage look in their homes. While modern designs may lean towards minimalism, the classic allure of old-fashioned, vintage aesthetics never fades, offering a...

At Tapron, we celebrate the charm and warmth of traditional kitchen designs with our extensive range of traditional kitchen taps, perfect for those who cherish a timeless, vintage look in their homes. While modern designs may lean towards minimalism, the classic allure of old-fashioned, vintage aesthetics never fades, offering a comforting nod to yesteryears with every detail.

Our traditional taps come in various styles, including the elegant pillar taps, the stately bridge taps, and the versatile deck-mounted designs, each meticulously crafted to complement any kitchen interior. Constructed from high-quality brass and finished in polished chrome or antique brass, these taps not only add a touch of vintage elegance but also promise enduring durability and functionality.

One of the hallmarks of our traditional kitchen taps is the incorporation of ceramic disc technology, which ensures a drip-free operation and enhances the overall durability of the taps. This technology, combined with classic design elements like crosshead or dual lever handles, makes our taps not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically efficient.

For those seeking added functionality without compromising on style, our traditional kitchen taps with pull-out spray features offer the best of both worlds. These taps provide enhanced flexibility and utility, making kitchen tasks such as filling pots and cleaning the sink effortless and efficient. The dual control feature on these models allows for precise temperature and flow adjustment, ensuring a comfortable user experience.

Our collection includes an array of designs from the grand Victorian to the quaint old style, each crafted to bring an element of grandeur and sophistication to your kitchen. Whether you choose a classic monobloc brass tap or a more elaborate bridge kitchen tap, each piece in our collection is designed to be a focal point in your kitchen.

Moreover, at Tapron, we understand the desire to maintain a cohesive look throughout your home, which is why our range of traditional kitchen taps is complemented by a similarly styled assortment of traditional bathroom sink taps. This enables you to extend the classic, antique charm throughout your home, ensuring a harmonious and unified interior decor.

We invite you to explore our selection of traditional kitchen taps, where old-fashioned elegance meets contemporary reliability, ensuring that your kitchen is not only a place of culinary creativity but also a showcase of timeless design. With Tapron, embrace the enduring beauty and functionality of traditional kitchen tapware and let your home reflect a legacy of classic timelessness.

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Invite a classic element to your modern space by investing in Tapron’s exquisite selection of traditional kitchen taps inspired by vintage styles with an antique look to create a rustic feel. With intricate detailing, these taps feature elegant curves and ornate embellishments that make them distinct from modern styles. Drawing inspiration from Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian design styles, the selection balances a timeless charm with durability for long-lasting performance reliability with its robust brass and stainless steel construction. Offering a comprehensive selection of handle and spout styles, each fitting has advanced features and works as flawlessly as regular modern taps. Leak-proof utility, balance of hot and cold water and balanced water pressure regulation are ensured by our vast assortment of kitchen tapware.

Tapron stands at the forefront as a trusted seller of bathroom and kitchen tapware with categories further narrowed down to significant collections including modern and Victorian kitchen taps, pull-out and sensor taps, bath taps and fillers, shower fittings, toilet and bathroom accessories, and more. We prioritise customer satisfaction and achieve this with quick customer services and by assisting buyers with queries, troubleshooting and DIY guides to make your home repairs a much more manageable affair! Our products are offered with instruction manuals and detailed specifications with a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee that extends up to 15 years to promise buyers against unwanted issues and malfunctions.

Strength and Resilience: Assessing Stainless Steel and Brass

Promised with durability and long-lasting usability, our traditional kitchen sink taps are defined by two quality builds- stainless steel and brass. Both are known for their extensive tolerance to rusting and corrosion while also withstanding humid environments that makes them ideal for daily tapware to be installed in the kitchen. Stainless steel is a strong and durable material that is less prone to denting and scratches while also enabling hygiene with its resistance to bacterial growth. This category also demands less maintenance effort to remove grime and dirt, allowing it to restore its lustre with minimal effort.

Traditional brass kitchen taps are known for their longevity owing to being a strong and resilient material. It withstands daily wear and tear and remains with a pristine charm even with constant exposure to harsh chemicals in cleaning agents and moisture. This material is also devised with antimicrobial properties that ensure water is not contaminated and is safe for consumption, ideally making it the perfect choice for spaces like your kitchen. Aimed towards environmental sustainability, brass being a recyclable material ensures these taps provide you with a conscious choice for your home.   

Crafting Your Tap's Personality: Unveiling Colours and Finishes

The traditional kitchen mixer taps are characterised by a stunning chrome shade. The polished and brushed finishes are known for their durability which provides resistance to corrosion and tarnishing with a smooth surface that is easy to clean. “So which finish is best and most practical for you?” The brushed range has a more satin and matt-like finish with a textured surface with fine lines. With its subtle sheen, it diffuses light for a muted appeal and is known for its ability to conceal scratches, fingerprints and stains. Polished finishes have a more mirror-like look and shine with a lustrous appearance. It has a smoother surface as compared to the brushed and reflects light uniformly, creating a lasting opulence.

Maintenance of these traditional kitchen sink taps requires only a mild soap and a damp cloth that restores the lustre effortlessly. With a smooth surface, these taps are built to withstand the rigours of daily use without risking limescale buildup and unwanted water spots from ruining their look which is due to the advanced techniques that provide a long-lasting utility  compared to those with inferior finishing methods. Victorian style kitchen mixer taps flaunt a coating thickness that affects their durability and can be further boosted with proper maintenance which is essential to ensure the buildup of dirt, grime and stains does not degrade your product over time.

Handles, Spouts, and Tap Holes - Your Complete Tap Configuration Guide 

The traditional sink mixer tap range is diversified with handles and spout designs to blend functionality and style. From simple yet sophisticated knobs, cross handles, stunning white and chrome levers to round designs, these handles characterise your tap selection. Single handles, typically situated at the top of the tap, control both the flow and temperature with an intuitive operation that makes them accessible for all users without limitations. With separate controls for controlling hot and cold water, twin handles offer precise temperature adjustments as compared to mono designs. Though this offers balance and symmetry, it is undeniable that it takes more space as compared to the former design.

Traditional kitchen pillar taps are designed with two tap holes, indicating the need for dual holes to be drilled on the countertop/deck surface. This Traditional Kitchen Pillar Tap is offered in a pair with knob handles highlighted with red (hot water) and blue (cold water) detailing. A minimum water pressure of 0.2 bar makes this an ideal low-pressure fitting and is further defined by the straight spouts, making this ideal for all vintage-inspired homes looking for a design that regulates modern functionality.

Spout designs of the traditional kitchen tap range from the elegantly curved, arched design of the swan neck, to a straight spout that provides a sense of balance with its linear design. Another practical choice is the swivel spout that can move from side to side, unlike the stationary position of fixed designs, providing users with the ability to adjust the direction of the water as needed.

The traditional kitchen tap with pull out spray combines classic elements with modern utility and is designed with a flexible spray that offers greater mobility than regular taps. This spray head is connected to a retractable hose, powered by a powerful spring mechanism that docks it within the tap’s body when not in use. Not only does this addition make your chores easier, it also makes cleaning beyond the sink area a much more comfortable task! Toggling between modes is easy as it requires only a simple push of a button to navigate between the two properties.

This assortment of traditional kitchen taps mixers switches between the stream and spray options. Stream mode delivers a steady, uninterrupted flow of water that minimises splashing in and around the area and allows for precise water usage. A wider dispersion with more power is allowed by the spray mode and is ideal for rinsing debris and cleaning the sinks, tackling tough stains on cookware. This versatile functionality adds to the convenience, efficiency and flexibility of everyday tasks, making pullout taps must-haves in any modern space! Most of these taps are designed for easy installation, compatibility with standard sink cutouts and plumbing configurations.


Cutting-Edge Tap Advancements: What's New in Tap Design?

An advanced feature of our traditional bridge kitchen taps is the ceramic disc technology that offers superior performance and longevity, removing the limitations of traditional rubber washers. Made with durable ceramic, one movable disc moves against a stationary one when the tap is turned on, allowing an alignment that allows water to pass through in a precise flow. These taps are less prone to dripping and leaking, thanks to their tight seal and precise engineering. It further enhances tap performance by offering durability, reliability and precision while controlling water flow and temperature.

Another high-tech feature of the traditional kitchen mixer tap is the aerator. This feature works by combining air into the water stream to reduce the volume of water flowing from the tap’s outlet without compromising on the water pressure. This aerated stream prevents unwanted splashing problems and creates a bubbling water flow that is pleasant to touch and look at, making it ideal for washing hands and dishes. It also acts as a filter to improve water quality by creating a clearer stream and flow of water.

Installation is a hassle-free task as the traditional aged brass kitchen tap has a user-friendly instruction manual and our DIY guides that assist homeowners with a better home renovation experience! Supply lines and base plates are included along with other necessary fittings that are required for the complete assembly of the tap. Learn more on how to make the procedure simpler with our blog: 5 STEPS TO INSTALLING A TAP!  

Exploring Additional Pairings for Enhanced Functionality and Style

The sink drainage system is a vital component of any kitchen or bathroom, responsible for safely and efficiently removing wastewater from the sink to the sewer system. Ideally designed to be paired with kitchen sink wastes and traps, the traditional brass kitchen taps provide maximum functionality when combined with an integrated drainage system. The sink wastes are available in combination sets or in singular waste basket strainer models, designed to prevent clogs or leaks and allow efficient drainage. The basket strainer is removable which makes cleaning a more convenient task and is typically designed with a 90mm dimension to suit well with all standard sinks and basins.

The combination kits offer the basket strainer with a trap and overflow. The U-shaped pipe creates a seal by retaining a certain layer of water to ensure it prevents drain odour and gases from entering your space. It is typically installed beneath the drain and allows smooth flow while the waste strainer prevents solid waste and debris from entering the plumbing system, eliminating the risk of clogs and blocks. An overflow (available in round and square structures) is installed to ensure your sink or basin does not flood or spill, removing any risk of unwanted mess that can demand extra effort on cleaning. Make the most of purchasing the best quality traditional sink tap by investing in an equally standardised drainage solution.

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Quality Guarantee: Customer Service, Returns, and Delivery Commitments 

Tapron is committed to bringing the satisfaction of our customers to the forefront by supplying quality products that feel and look equally good. Our customer service team is dedicated to serving the interests of anyone who visits our online store by providing help and assistance with queries and troubleshooting with our products and guarantees. Explore our collections and diversify your options today!

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