Stylish Gaia Chrome Bathroom Taps

When you are getting a bathroom renovation done, you want everything to be on point, especially the accessories, fixtures, and fittings. Tapware plays a significant role in determining the overall practicality, and for this, we offer our range of bath mixer taps balanced with durability, functionality and style! Bathroom Section:...

When you are getting a bathroom renovation done, you want everything to be on point, especially the accessories, fixtures, and fittings. Tapware plays a significant role in determining the overall practicality, and for this, we offer our range of bath mixer taps balanced with durability, functionality and style!

Bathroom Section:

The collection of stunning modern square taps combines soft curves and an elegant finish with ease of use.  The fancy design of the bath shower mixer taps provides precise water flow control and temperature, incorporated with leading-edge 1/4 turn ceramic disc valve technology. These products are exceptionally crafted for those with discerning tastes and a penchant for the highest quality.

The exquisite range of square bathroom taps is made from solid brass with a classic chrome finish to create a fixture that will shine within your bathroom space. These fittings bring together the old and the new modern-day tap technology and are made with high-quality solid brass and packed full of modern tech and gadgets. 

At Tapron, the square bath taps are available in various styles and variations ranging from 5 hole bath shower mixer taps to thermostats and everything in between. We also have fixtures suitable for low and high-pressure water systems, so you do not have to compromise style or choice.

The bath mixer tap with shower attachment includes a flexible hose and handset that features easy-to-clean nozzles. It is distinguished by the square handle design that adds a modern sense of style while allowing quick and easy operation without much effort. A thermostatic bath shower mixer tap is another popular choice which is trendy owing to how efficiently it controls water temperature and flow, acting as a safety feature that prevents accidents in the bathrooms.

Standing out in appeal with the straight, fixed spout and the square lever handle, the freestanding bath shower mixer tap is a space-saving product that can be stored away when idle, giving you enough room for other fittings. It has a neat and refined design with clean-cut lines that makes it worth having in any modish-looking space.

Both the wall mounted and deck mounted thermostatic bath shower mixer requires no complicated manual to be installed and ensures no damage on the surface you choose to mount it one. The 4 hole bath shower mixer tap breezes a sense of embellishment, falling next to none in appeal and workability.

Basin Section:

Make your sink area stand out with a square basin mixer tap detailed with a sleek well-structured body and equally magnificent handle designs. Prepped with all advanced features and solid construction that gives it hard wearing properties, these square mixer taps range up to 3 tap hole designs, giving you the freedom to choose one as per preference.

The square basin tap is available in deck mounting and wall mounting. The straight and refined spout allows for a pleasant cascading effect, with some selection powered by an aerator that boosts the overall workability.

The tall basin mixer tap, with its mono body boosts, has a well-built structure and stands out with a unique charm, allowing maximum access to complete your everyday routine more blissfully.

As intricately as these dual and single lever basin taps are detailed, it is completed with a graded finish that adds the right amount of opulence that remains brand new even with vigorous usage. Whether it is a two hole or a 3 hole basin tap, we have all the no-compromise products in store for you!

Shower Section:

Allow a complete Chrome splendour in your shower space by pairing a well-defined shower valve with a waterfall shower head, both offered exquisitely in our selection. The concealed shower valves feature a sleek base plate that allows for convenient installation, requiring screws to be fastened and remaining intact even after years.

With the square handles that offer up to triple controls, you can shop for single to 3 outlet shower valves at cost-efficient prices! A square thermostatic shower valve is also popular as it balances water temperature and flow and does not wear out or compromise functionality even with years of constant usage.

The 2 outlet shower valve, like all others in our range, can be paired with a square shower head to create a uniform appeal, serving as a centrepiece and ideal for a rainfall effect shower for a rejuvenating experience. You can also shop for single and 3 Outlet designs by browsing through our well-selected pieces!

Towel Rail Radiator:

A chrome towel rail can make your home look more compact and refined. Ensure the right temperature is maintained by installing the suitable radiator valve required by your heated towel rail to ensure the heat output is maintained with constancy at all times.

Chrome towel radiators are a great boon for all homes as it helps in creating a more clutter-free space by hanging your damp towels neatly. It is available in a wide range of sizes and BTU at friendly prices, made to meet the requirements of what is demanded by your space!

Bathroom Accessories:

Allow a uniform look in your bathroom by assembling a set of Chrome bathroom accessories. A square soap dish is one such product we offer, featuring a neat structure and preventing soap residue from ruining the appeal in and around the basin and bath areas.

The square soap dispenser does the job if you want a more modern innovation! The high-quality product creates a sense of embellishment and allows you to neatly organise everything you need without messing up the space. Pairing a toilet roll holder can also add to the sense of persona, though it may seem like a minimal addition.

The frosted glass design of the bathroom tumbler holder is shared with a range of toilet brushes and holders. These products have been crafted to ensure that building a well-defined interior is not as much of a hefty task. Now you can hang your towels and robes in style with a robe hook and towel ring, which is also offered exclusively in our range of accessories.

Toilet Section:

Install a floating toilet for a neat look in your toilet section. We also bring you an assortment of back to wall and close coupled toilets, which are all powered with rimless technology. This feature helps to promote sanitation in your space while also allowing a hygienic solution with its powerful flush system that ignores no corners and recesses.

After installing the back to wall toilet or any unit of your choice, you can bring a bidet mixer tap which works excellently with the desired water pressure (specifications mentioned under each product). The range of accessories is also well-designed to go hand-in-hand with these units.

Vanity unit with basin:

Save as much space as possible with these two-in-one vanity units with basins. Mounted with a high-quality ceramic basin, the bathroom vanity units carry out their purpose and grant enough storage space for all your amenities.

A freestanding bathroom vanity unit can be paired with our arrangement of tapware and other accessories, helping you complete building the bathroom of your dreams in a jiff! Adding to the overall benefits you get with the buy of a bathroom vanity unit—including soft-close doors and moisture resistance, Tapron also offers a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer with each buy!

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