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Tapron offers a range of stunning back to wall toilets tastefully structured to meet the needs of all homes and interiors. Ranging from square to round designs, these finely made back to wall WC units are neatly designed with refined lines and adorn a classic look that stands the taste...

Tapron offers a range of stunning back to wall toilets tastefully structured to meet the needs of all homes and interiors. Ranging from square to round designs, these finely made back to wall WC units are neatly designed with refined lines and adorn a classic look that stands the taste of time in appeal and functionality.

Back to Wall toilet units are ideal as they provide maximum user comfort and are a convenient solution for people with limited mobility. The compact back to wall toilets look as stylish as they are functional and make no compromise in quality, made available at great affordable prices. The adornment is an easy alternative to add moderate design and hotel glamour to your bathhouse.

The rimless back to wall toilet creates a stunning addition to your wet room and makes your bath experience more comfortable and delightful. It features all modern functionality and seeks to bring no compromise in the overall usability of your home. The assortment that we offer in our extensive collection is made of high-quality ceramic and adorns the ageless white shade with neat outlines.

A remarkable property that makes shopping from our range of back to wall pans worth the cost it is offered includes the rimless technology. This is a modish feature that makes your toilet area hygienic and allows sanitation by allowing no room for bacteria and germs to breed. This technology gives the back to wall toilet units a powerful flush system that leaves no spots missed and allows for a clean and healthy environment. This is enhanced further by the one-button flush, which helps save water significantly and drastically minimises wastage.

Maximise your space by adding a back to wall toilet to your bathroom today. These modern toilets with soft-close hinges bring luxurious usability and ensure your bath space is rid of unwanted bangs and noises. This quality also prevents the WC pan from damaging and keeps it looking brand new even with everyday usage, eliminating the problems of constant renovations resulting with compromised products!

Buy from an arrangement of products at Tapron at discounted prices with your choice of WC Units. Another option is the closed coupled and wall hung toilets with rimless technology that comes as excellent picks for an equally voguish home. 

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Tapron’s collection of back to wall toilets features a well-crafted ceramic structure and represents a modern and stylish choice in contemporary bathroom design. Their sleek, space-saving design and the convenience of a concealed cistern make them an appealing option for many homeowners. Characterised by the minimalist design, these toilet units sit flush against the wall or a furniture unit, and the cistern is concealed either within the wall or inside a specially designed unit, resulting in clean lines and an uncluttered appearance.

The design of the back to wall toilet with concealed cistern makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms. By concealing the cistern, more space is available, creating a sense of openness. Made from ceramic, these fittings are finished with vitreous china, a combination that provides durability, a smooth surface, and ease of cleaning. With dual flush mechanisms, the range offers the choice between a full flush and a half flush, contributing to water conservation and efficiency.

The selection of short projection back to wall toilets offers uniquely designed ranges with finishes varying from rose gold to classic porcelain pieces. Know more: ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE PURCHASING A TOILET SEAT

Understanding a Back To Wall Toilet

The benefits of a concealed toilet are numerous including the clean lines and minimalist design contribute to a modern and sophisticated bathroom aesthetic. With no exposed pipes and a concealed cistern, cleaning around and behind the toilet is much easier. Each unit features rimless technology, which reduces the areas where dirt and bacteria can accumulate by removing the rim that is typical of traditional designs.

The first type features a back to wall pan with a concealed cistern, where the toilet pan is mounted directly against the wall, with the cistern hidden within the wall cavity or a furniture unit. The second type is the close coupled back to wall toilet and cistern, which features a visible cistern designed to sit directly against the wall. While the cistern is not concealed, the overall design remains streamlined and modern.

Learn more about a rimless back to wall toilet with our go-to guide: WHAT IS A BACK TO WALL TOILET? UNDERSTANDING THE MODERN BATHROOM STAPLE

Soft Close Seat Cover (UF Seat Cover): The soft close seat cover, made from urea-formaldehyde (UF), is an innovative feature that enhances the user experience in modern toilets. This material is known for its durability and resistance to scratching, ensuring that the seat maintains its pristine appearance over time. The soft close mechanism prevents the seat from slamming shut, reducing noise and wear and tear. This gentle closing action not only adds a touch of luxury but also extends the life of the toilet seat and the bowl. Known to be non-porous, this makes the toilet with concealed cistern more hygienic and easier to clean, maintaining a high level of bathroom sanitation.

Product Guarantee Up to 10 Years: A product guarantee of up to 10 years offers significant peace of mind for consumers, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product. This extended guarantee period covers defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that the toilet with cistern will perform reliably for many years.

Built-in Thermostatic Bidet: A selection of back to wall toilets integrates a built-in thermostatic bidet that elevates functionality by combining traditional toilet features with advanced hygiene technology. The thermostatic bidet allows users to wash with warm water, which can be precisely controlled to the desired temperature. The built-in design ensures that the bidet does not take up additional space in the bathroom, maintaining a sleek and compact appearance.

Short Projection Toilets: The short projection back to wall toilets are designed to occupy less space in the bathroom, making it ideal for compact or crowded spaces. Despite its smaller footprint, the selection does not compromise on comfort or functionality and is engineered to provide the same level of performance as standard-sized models, but with a reduced depth that saves valuable floor space.

Additional Pairings

The space-saving nature of back to wall units makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms, and en-suites. By maximising the available space, the back to wall toilet unit can make a bathroom feel larger and more open. The concealed cistern can be housed within a variety of furniture units, offering a flexibility that allows homeowners to create a bathroom that suits their style and needs. The flush mechanisms are typically controlled by flush plates, which come in a variety of designs and finishes to complement the bathroom decor.

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