Toilets serve as a focal point in your bath space, and we believe this area deserves only the best details! Give your bathroom a refreshing look with the addition of a new toilet from Tapron’s extensive collection. Whether you want a modern toilet or a small toilet pan, we offer...

Toilets serve as a focal point in your bath space, and we believe this area deserves only the best details! Give your bathroom a refreshing look with the addition of a new toilet from Tapron’s extensive collection. Whether you want a modern toilet or a small toilet pan, we offer a range of fantastic quality products marked with precision and assurance. 

With a comprehensive selection of toilet types, all completed with different benefits and designs, Tapron is home to all your bathroom and toilet amenities. If you are looking for an easy to install toilet, a Close Coupled Toilet design comes as the perfect choice. This selection of toilet seats is ideal for all modern toilets as they are budget-friendly and project themselves with high durability and precision. This is further powered by functions like the soft-close cover, making the experience even more enthralling. 

These toilet seats are fashioned in a rimless design that significantly takes into consideration hygiene and sanitation, making your home friendlier in all aspects. The advanced rimless technology ensures that water reaches much higher so that the bowl is cleaner from top to bottom, and there is no place for germs to hide. It is a perfect combination of timeless design with modern technology to give you the best of both worlds.

If you want something more stylish, a Wall Hung or Back to Wall Toilet is designed to embellish your space with sophistication. The wall-hung design and the back-to-wall range can be conveniently installed without cluttering your bath space with great effectiveness. The ceramic construction and the rich white finish blends these toilet seats into your interior effortlessly with a timeless and classic element. The range of toilets also gives a floating effect with its wall-mounted design, giving you a neat finish and enhanced functionality. We have got them all at unbeatable prices! 

The toilet seats offered from our exquisite collection are easy to install and come with minimal maintenance properties. Be it the round design or the square one, these toilet seats are perfected to not only serve the purpose but make a difference in your space! With availability in a choice of design and in various prices and sizes, these toilet seats are the next statement piece you can incorporate to elevate and heighten the appeal of your bathroom. 

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In contemporary bathroom design, the choice of toilets can significantly impact both functionality and aesthetics. Ceramic toilets are a popular choice due to their durability, quality, and variety of designs. Our toilets explore the different types, focusing on back-to-wall, close-coupled, and wall-hung options, all incorporating rimless technology. Additionally, these units can be paired with concealed cisterns and flush plates, offered as the perfect solutions to enhance modern bathroom designs.

The selection of toilets is characterised by the durable ceramic construction blended with an array of finishes in gold, black, porcelain and rose gold. Finished with vitreous china, the glaze adds an extra layer of protection, making the surface non-porous and glossy. This ensures that the toilet remains hygienic and maintains its appearance over time. The robustness of ceramic material means that these units can withstand daily use for many years without losing their functionality or aesthetic appeal.


Types of Bathroom Toilets

Back-to-Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets are designed to sit flush against the wall, with the cistern concealed within the wall or a piece of furniture. This design not only saves space but also creates a sleek, minimalist look. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, these units serve the interests of homeowners looking to achieve a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

With an easy to clean manual owing to the absence of gaps behind the toilet where dust and grime can accumulate, investing in a back to wall toilet and cistern unit at Tapron makes your daily routine a much more convenient affair. Explore the diversity today!: Back To Wall Toilets

Close Coupled Toilet

What is a close coupled toilet? These units feature a design where the cistern is directly attached to the toilet bowl, creating a single unit. With its straightforward configuration to install and maintain, it offers a practical solution for a variety of bathroom styles.

The defining feature of a close coupled cistern and toilet is its integrated cistern and bowl, which are connected in a compact, all-in-one unit. This design eliminates the need for a separate cistern, which is common in other ranges. The seamless connection between the cistern and the bowl makes these units aesthetically pleasing and easier to install compared to other types while the streamlined structure helps maintain a tidy bathroom appearance, with fewer exposed pipes and connections.

See the complete collection of close coupled back to wall toilets: Close Coupled Toilets

Wall-Hung Toilets

Also known as a floating toilet, wall-hung units are mounted directly onto the wall, with the cistern concealed within the wall. This design creates a floating effect, making the bathroom appear more spacious and easier to clean underneath.

One significant advantage of a wall mounted toilet is the ability to customise the height at which the toilet is installed. This feature is particularly beneficial for creating a more comfortable and accessible bathroom environment for users of different heights and mobility levels. The adjustable height options make wall hung designs an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications where accessibility is a priority.

Shop for a white toilet in wall hung design and more: Wall Hung Toilets

Rimless Technology In Toilets

Shop from an array of high-quality toilets for sale at Tapron, adorned with advanced features like rimless technology. Rimless technology is an innovative feature in modern toilets that enhances hygiene and cleaning efficiency.

While traditional toilets have a rim under which dirt and bacteria can accumulate, making cleaning challenging, rimless bathroom toilets have an open-rim design that allows water to be flushed around the entire bowl, covering more surface area and effectively cleaning the bowl with every flush. This technology not only ensures a cleaner toilet but also reduces the amount of water needed for each flush, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Explore the selection of rimless close coupled WC and other varieties at Tapron: Rimless Toilets

Additional Pairings For Your New Toilet

Concealed Cisterns: Invest in a toilet and cistern combo from our vast assortment. Concealed cisterns are hidden tanks that store water for flushing and are typically installed behind a wall or within a piece of furniture. This design element serves as the water closet and contributes to a streamlined and modern look in the bathroom, as the bulky cistern is out of sight. This setup not only saves space but also reduces noise, as the cistern is insulated within the wall.

Flush Plates: Flush plates are the visible part of the flush mechanism for WC toilets with concealed cisterns. They are mounted on the wall and come in various designs and typically feature dual flush buttons, providing options for different water volumes to help conserve water. The dual flush system usually includes a smaller button for liquid waste and a larger button for solid waste, promoting water efficiency without compromising performance.

Visit our diverse selection: Flush Plates | Concealed Cistern & WC Frames

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