Deck Mounted Basin Taps

Discover the elegance and functionality of our deck mounted basin taps, crafted to enhance the style and efficiency of any bathroom. Designed to be installed directly onto the worktop or sink surface, our deck mounted basin mixer taps, also known as surface mounted taps, bring a touch of sophistication right...

Discover the elegance and functionality of our deck mounted basin taps, crafted to enhance the style and efficiency of any bathroom. Designed to be installed directly onto the worktop or sink surface, our deck mounted basin mixer taps, also known as surface mounted taps, bring a touch of sophistication right where it's needed.

Our extensive collection of bathroom taps features a variety of designs, from sleek and modern deck mounted mixers to more traditional styles, ensuring there's a perfect match for every bathroom aesthetic. Each deck mounted tap sits flush against the surface it is mounted on, providing a clean and integrated look that complements any basin.

Choose from single-lever deck-mounted mixers that offer ease of use and precise temperature control, to more complex 3-hole setups that allow for a more customised installation. Our bathroom taps are available in a range of finishes including polished brass, brushed gold, classic bronze, matte black, and pristine white, each adding a unique flair to your bathroom decor.

The durability of our taps is unmatched, with high-quality materials and construction that withstand the demands of daily use. Whether you have a high or low-pressure water system, our deck mounted taps are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Upgrade your bathroom with Tapron's deck mounted basin taps and experience the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and style. Each tap is not just a fitting but a statement piece that enhances the overall look and feel of your space. Shop now and transform your bathroom into a haven of elegance and comfort.

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Tapron is your go-to space to revitalise your bathroom and kitchen envisions! Manufactured with an array of only the best quality materials, our products extend to all spaces of your home, diversely offering a colour selection in bath taps, deck mounted basin taps, bathroom accessories, toilet fittings, kitchenware and bathroom furniture among many others. The quality and assurance of our products typically encompasses several key aspects to ensure customers have confidence in their purchase. Material selection of these bathroom and kitchen fittings boasts durability with solid stainless steel or brass construction and high-quality plastics for internal components that highlight maximum performance quality, resistance to corrosion, and suitability to various environments.

Our deck mount taps undergo several tests to ensure they meet quality and performance standards including pressure testing, flow rate testing, durability testing, and resistance to temperature variations and chemical exposure. 

Brass Taps: The Epitome of Durability and Longevity

Experience unrivalled durability with our assortment of deck mounted mixer taps featuring a strong, robust brass construction. Known for their long-lasting usability, these taps are built to stand the test of time, offering unmatched strength and resilience that make them ideal for all homes. Boasting exceptional corrosion resistance, this sturdy build ensures the taps remain in pristine condition even with years of use, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. The tolerance to humid bathroom environments and oxidation prevents unwanted stains and water spots from ruining the overall aesthetics and has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Brass worktop mounted taps are adorned with an antimicrobial property which gives assurance against the spread of bacteria and germs for safe bathroom functionality. Crafted from a combination of copper and zinc, brass taps not only add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen but also boast exceptional strength, making them ideal for heavy-duty use. At Tapron, we offer a wide selection of both brass and stainless steel taps, allowing you to find the perfect option to suit your style and requirements. Explore our range today and discover the perfect taps for your home!


What's the difference between Deck Mounted and Surface Mounted Taps?

Understanding the difference between a deck mounted vs surface mounted tap is essential before selecting the right tapware for your basin. Installed directly on the surface of the sink or countertop, deck mounted designs have the handles and spout protruding from the same base. Its added benefits include easy cleaning properties as it has no gaps or crevices for dirt and grime to accumulate. Installation and mounting is a convenient task with an extensive instruction manual that makes the procedure less hectic. With a single base unit, these taps provide a convenient solution for controlling water flow and temperature. Each of these fittings features advanced ceramic disc technology that allows zero leaks and a smooth water flow without fluctuations.

What Is A Surface Mounted Tap? Surface-mounted taps are installed on the surface of the wall or behind the sink, with the handles and spout extending outward from the wall. These taps are a versatile option that can be installed in a variety of locations, making them ideal for spaces where countertop or sink space is limited. It has separate handles that allow for precise control over water and temperature regulation with maximum accessibility for user-friendly utility. A perk of this design is the customizable height that enables users to mount it at the desired surface without facing any limitations regardless of the layout of the room.

After understanding the difference between deck mounted and surface mounted taps, investing in a well-made basin vanity unit rewards you with complete bathroom functionality. From wall-mounted ceramic basins in angled, oval and square structures, to stainless steel lightweight designs in round, square and rectangular profiles, these countertop and wall basins add character and a defining factor to the whole space. The taps are designed to fit well with all standard basins and enable blissful utility without much effort.


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Finish and Color Selection: Elevate Your Space with Versatile Styling Options

Celebrate your style with diverse colours and finishes to elevate your space. Whether you want timeless elegance with white and chrome taps, bold statements in black and antique brass, warmth and comfort with soft gold or rose gold or a sleek and modern touch with stainless steel and bronze elements, we have all the suitable shades for you! The mix and match of colours allows users to choose between a complete colour palette while also allowing experimentation with fresh hues! Brushed, matt and polished finishes are popular textures that further add to the character of our deck and surface mounted taps.

A brushed deck mount basin tap has a texture with lines or grooves that makes the tapware extremely resilient to fingerprints, stains and water spots. The subtle texture with its fine, parallel lines etched on the surface adds depth to the material, inviting a warm, timeless charm. Matt finishes exuding a satin-like feel with a smooth surface that absorbs light, creating a soft, muted appearance. Flaunting versatility, the polished finish has a highly reflective surface with a mirror-like charm, boasting a brilliant shine that catches and reflects light, creating a captivating visual allure. These designs extend to the extensive kitchen taps selection, ensuring every homeowner gets a piece of their preference and requirements with just a simple click!

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Handle and Spout Designs: Craftsmanship Meets Functionality

In the realm of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, handle and spout designs play a pivotal role, seamlessly blending craftsmanship with functionality. Our meticulously crafted designs enhance your space with a broad diversity of styles including crosshead, lever, round and knob handles offering singular or twin controls. Devised with advanced features, a selection also includes the sensor deck mounted basin mixer tap range that employs touchless utility with infrared technology that detects motion, dispersing water as required without risking wastage.  With sleek designs and slim silhouettes, the no-touch function eliminates the need for physical contact automatically activating flow with detected movement.

These bathroom sink mixer taps are further diversified in options with fixed spouts, swan neck featuring an elegant curve, long nose spouts as popularly found in traditional pillar types and straight structures. Swivel spouts are another exclusive design that offers a 360-degree turn and are compatible with one and two-bowl sinks. This functionality allows users to easily direct the flow of water wherever needed, making tasks like washing dishes, filling pots, and cleaning the sink a breeze. Whether you have a single or double sink setup, the ability to pivot the spout ensures that every corner is easily accessible while granting maximum reach and coverage. 

Tap Hole Design: Seamless Integration and Stylish Functionality

The diversity of the deck mounted basin mixer range is further broadened with the choice of single, dual and triple tap holes. This is an essential factor to consider as the number of tap holes available plays a crucial role in determining the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Mono tap hole taps invite a minimal appeal and are ideal for compact spaces owing to the space-saving design. Typically featuring a single spout with a handle housed within the tap’s structure, this style allows a streamlined configuration to maximise countertop space and creates a clean and uncluttered look.

Bathroom sink taps with dual holes grant users the flexibility to install separate hot and cold taps or a mixer tap with a single spout and dual handles. The designs usually feature a separate or a single base plate that makes installation convenient. A popular selection is the three-tap hole design which allows users to install a mixer tap with separate hot and cold water controls and a central spout. This allows for precise temperature adjustment, keeping it at a constant level as per requirements and allows blissful utility! 

Experience the Ease of Manual Tap Controls

In understanding the deck mounted tap’s meaning, we allow each customer to have an in-depth knowledge of the whole configuration and functionality of our tapware. Designed to offer effortless controls, our taps aim to bring an experience through the ease of manual tap controls. The intuitive operation of adjusting water flow and temperature makes these user-friendly fixtures where a utility as simple as turning a handle or lever activates flow. Whether you need a gentle trickle or a powerful stream, manual tap controls provide instant response to your commands without risking fluctuations in flow rate.

The customisable settings of the deck mounted kitchen taps and basin taps allow precise balancing of water and temperature, whether you prefer a gentle flow for delicate tasks or a strong stream for thorough rinsing, you can easily adjust the settings to suit your needs. Built to last with durability, these taps are free from problems of malfunctions or electronic failures with timeless designs that seamlessly blend well with any décor. Experience the ease and simplicity of manual tap controls in your home!


Ceramic Disc Technology: Engineered Precision for Unrivalled Performance and Longevity

A characteristic feature of deck mounted bath taps and basin taps offered at Tapron is the ceramic disc technology each piece is adorned with. This is a small but essential component that ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance. Designed to withstand the rigours of daily use and offering unparalleled durability compared to traditional rubber washers, the cartridges are resistant to wear and tear offering precise controls over flow and temperature. The smooth, frictionless operation allows effortless adjustment, giving you the perfect balance of hot and cold water with a simple turn of the handle.

A key advantage of this property is the leak-free design with each of the waterfall bathroom taps functioning to create a watertight seal to prevent unwanted leakage and drips to save water and reduce the risk of water damage to your home. Flaunting extreme durability, these discs are resistant to the effect of hard water, including corrosion and mineral buildup, ensuring smooth operation even in areas with poor water quality. Explore and learn more about the many benefits of this advanced property: WHAT ARE CERAMIC DISC TAPS - A DETAILED GUIDE.  

Efficient and Reliable: Tapron's Drainage Solutions for Basins

The deck mounted sink tap selection can be paired with the Bathroom Basin Wastes and Bottle Traps combination which offers a simple and effective way to allow proper drainage of wastewater. By incorporating drainage channels or mechanisms directly into the tap or basin structure, this innovative solution helps to streamline the process of wastewater disposal while minimising the risk of blockages and maintaining cleanliness. Sink wastes are designed in slotted and unslotted structures (for basins with an overflow, slotted designs are used, while in its absence, unslotted wastes are installed) in varying shades to match your selection of kitchen and bathroom tapware.

These components are designed to facilitate efficient water drainage and prevent debris from entering the plumbing system, thereby reducing the risk of blockages and overflooding in the sink area. With each style offering different levels of control over water flow, these fittings come in various designs, including flip-top/pop-up, free flow, and clicker mechanisms. The trap is installed beneath the sink which retains a small amount of water to prevent unwanted odour and gases from entering your space via the drain outlet. Overall, an integrated draining system offers numerous benefits, including improved hygiene, reduced water wastage, and enhanced functionality, making these key factors to consider while investing in a high-quality tap and basin! 

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