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Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's sophisticated range of wall mounted basin taps, blending seamless functionality with striking aesthetics. Designed to optimise space without sacrificing style, the wall-mounted bathroom mixer taps are a perfect addition to any modern or traditional bathroom in the UK. Our collection of wall mounted tapware showcases...

Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's sophisticated range of wall mounted basin taps, blending seamless functionality with striking aesthetics. Designed to optimise space without sacrificing style, the wall-mounted bathroom mixer taps are a perfect addition to any modern or traditional bathroom in the UK.

Our collection of wall mounted tapware showcases a luxurious array of options including sleek modern designs and elegant traditional styles, ensuring there's a wall mounted basin tap to match any bathroom decor. Opt for the clean lines of high-rise taps or the classic elegance of concealed installations, each providing a unique visual impact.

Crafted from the finest materials and available in a variety of finishes including polished gold, brushed nickel, and matt black, each one of our brass wall mounted basin taps is designed to resist wear and maintain its luster over time. Our bathroom taps not only look impeccable but are built to last.

For those who appreciate intricate details, our range includes wall-mounted mixer taps with waterfall spouts that add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your daily routine by mimicking the natural flow of water. Alternatively, our straight spout designs offer a minimalist and efficient water flow, suitable for any modern wash setup.

The collection is versatile, featuring single hand lever operation for ease of use, and available in 1, 2, or 3 hole configurations to accommodate various sink sizes and preferences. Whether upgrading a small hand wash basin in a compact cloakroom or a large sink in a spacious family bathroom, our wall-mounted taps make a functional yet decorative statement.

With Tapron, quality is paramount. Each tap set enhances your wash basin's functionality while transforming it into a focal point of your bathroom. Shop our collection to find wall-mounted basin taps that bring together the best in luxury, style, and practicality, making every wash an experience to look forward to.

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Tapron is home to a vast assortment of bathroom and kitchen tapware, built with high-quality materials, including brass and stainless steel, to promise every homeowner durability and high-performance quality. Our array of products extends to every corner of your home from tapware to shower fittings and toilet accessories in a variety of designs, styles and finishes. Wall mounted basin taps are popular in the world of bathroom renovations as they serve excellently with space-saving properties while providing a customisable height that allows users to install it on the wall surface as per requirements and preference. With designs ranging from minimal spouts with a single hole up to three-hole structures, each product is supplied with the necessary fittings and an instructional manual to ensure a quick and convenient installation procedure.

The tapware selection also includes a diverse range of modern and traditional wall mounted tapware with contemporary designs defined by sleek, streamlined structures with neat finishes while Victorian styles are characterised by intricate and ornate embellishments. See our complete collection: Bathroom Taps Complete Collection | Bathroom Basin Taps Complete Collection


Understanding Wall Mounted Taps and their Durability

A modern solution to increase countertop space while providing maximum accessibility for your daily chores can be achieved with wall mounted sink taps. These taps are structured with a space-saving design by eliminating the need for taps and handles protruding from the basin. Being directly mounted on the wall surface above the sink, the fittings enable customisation of height and reach. This allows homeowners to determine the placement of taps to suit their preferences and the specific design of the basin or countertop. Cleaning of the deck surface is also made easy with this design as it has no protruding handles and enables quick navigation.

Wall mounted mixer taps offer versatile installation options and can be installed on various wall surfaces, including tiled walls, marble backsplashes, or even mirrored walls. The durability results from the robust structure and brass build that projects a high tolerance to oxidation and corrosion. This resistance makes the tapware ideal for humid bathroom environments and shows excellent resilience towards grime, stains, fingerprints and scratches. Brass is also known for its antimicrobial quality which drastically reduces the risk of bacterial growth, making water safe and cleaner for daily use. Providing a solution for all homes, the taps project suitability to all standard plumbing systems with compatibility with a large range of countertops, wall-mounted, and pedestal sinks.


Brass Bathroom Taps: Exploring Colours and Finishes for Timeless Elegance

The taps that come out of the wall are designed more than just to serve utility. To elevate the appeal of your home, these taps are offered in a variety of colours and finishes, ensuring a solution for every colour palette and interior. Timeless elegance is invited by black taps that exude a bold statement with an element of modernity while the striking contrast to neutral tones makes this a versatile choice. The rich warmth of bronze and gold infuses character into the interior, reminiscent of a rustic aesthetic. Whether in polished or brushed finishes, these taps make a striking focal point with their radiant glow.

Another popular choice for wall mounted basin mixer taps is classic chrome that provides a gleaming mirror-like finish and sleek lines. White taps offer clean simplicity and enable creating a serene atmosphere, creating a sense of airiness and freshness in the basin area. Stainless steel taps offer an industrial-inspired look with high resistance to tarnishing making it a stylish yet practical choice. Product finishes add to the durability of these products and are offered in rich brushed, matt and polished textures. The thick coating is achieved through a variety of processes and materials designed to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.  

Polished brass taps possess a glossy, mirror-like finish that has a high reflective value, adding brightness to the room. It has a lasting shine and lustrous finish which demands frequent cleaning to maintain its shine. However, it is undeniable that the polished finish provides a durable and protective layer that resists tarnishing and corrosion over time. Brushed taps feature a subtle texture with a satin-like appearance and have fine lines or grain that help conceal fingerprints, water spots, and other smudges. With a low shine that absorbs light rather than reflecting it, matt finishes invite modern minimalism and are defined by a soft, velvety feel. It grants a muted appearance and is a practical choice that demands minimal maintenance. 

Handle and Spout Types in Brass Bathroom Taps

The bathroom sink water tap collection offers a diverse selection of handles and spout designs, catering to the personalised interests of all homeowners. Crosshead handles feature a cross-shaped design with a horizontal bar intersecting a vertical stem. These typically operate with a quarter-turn mechanism, where the handle is turned either clockwise or counterclockwise to control the flow and temperature of water. Featuring a long, straight handle, lever designs offer comfortable usability where it can be lifted or pushed down to adjust the water flow and rotated left or right to control the temperature.

A more versatile look is offered by the round handles which are structured by a cylindrical shape and offer comfortable utility. Round handles typically operate with a quarter-turn or multi-turn mechanism, depending on the tap design. Ranging from single to twin controls, our tapware assortment offers diversity. The wall mounted kitchen mixer tap with a single lever or knob controls both water flow and temperature with a single movement. Depending on the design, the handle can be lifted up/down or rotated left/right to adjust the temperature. Dual control taps have separate hot and cold water controls, allowing independent controls. Although more space-taking, this configuration allows precise control without affecting the water flow pattern. 

Tap Hole Configurations: Choosing the Perfect Setup for Your Bathroom Taps

Understanding tap-hole configurations can enable you to choose the right setup for your home without risking malfunctions. This refers to the number of holes and their arrangements to be drilled on the countertop or wall surface for installation. Wall mounted bathroom sink taps with a single hole offer clean and minimal aesthetics and are known for excellent space-saving properties. It makes them suitable for smaller-sized bathrooms or cloakrooms and can be paired with a vast assortment of our countertop basins and vanity units. This design is also relatively easy to install and does not require much plumbing modifications.

Tapron also brings you an array of two-hole bathroom taps for sale which are characterised by a baseplate that houses both the spout and handle while some designs vary with separate round and square backplates. With dual-control operation, users can adjust the temperature and flow of water independently, allowing for precise control. The third selection offers the 3-hole wash basin wall tap, which is also known as widespread taps, compiled with two handles and a central spout. Water and temperature are controlled precisely with two separate handles, a selection offering intricate lettering to add to the convenience and efficiency.

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Understanding Water Pressure Requirements

Investing in a basin with wall mounted taps includes considering certain factors, the minimum water pressure requirement being a crucial element. Water pressure refers to the force exerted by water as it flows through pipes and plumbing fixtures. The minimum requirement of the tap must match the demands of your space to ensure a steady and consistent flow is delivered without unwanted glitches and fluctuations. Our tapware ranges from low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) to high-pressure (1 bar-3 bars) models to give every homeowner a choice that best meets their spaces’ prerequisites.

Getting a wall mounted tap for wash basin with a higher pressure than that demanded by your plumbing system can cause excessive wear and tear on taps, leading to leaks, drips, or premature failure of internal components. On the contrary, lower pressure can result in weak or inconsistent flow, hindering daily usability. Consulting professional help or plumbing to determine the pressure of your home can be an excellent boon to help you select the right tapware for your home. Make the right choices for your home by consulting our go-to guide: THE BEST LOW WATER-PRESSURE TAPS FOR YOU

Ceramic Disc Cartridge and Aerator: Perfecting Performance and Efficiency

A vast selection of bathroom basin wall mounted taps are powered with an aerator feature that drastically improves workability. The main functionality of this innovation is to integrate air into the water flow to provide an aerated, soft-to-the-touch flow without compromising pressure and drastically help in reducing water wastage daily. The bubbling water cascades in a pleasant manner which is reminiscent of a spa-like venture and makes tasks like handwashing and cleaning more blissful. This also serves as a filter that traps sediments and fine particles, allowing a clear water flow that feels fresher and cleaner. Aerators also provide anti-splash functionality, enabling them to keep the walls in and around the basin area safe from water stains and damage.

Ceramic disc technology has been a milestone in tapware design as it enables improved utility by reducing unwanted leaks in taps while also enabling smooth controls. The wall mounted taps replace the limitations of rubber washers and feature two highly durable ceramic discs. Each disc has a series of holes or slots that align or block water flow when the handle is turned. When the tap handle is turned, these discs rotate against each other, either aligning the holes to allow water to flow or blocking the holes to stop the flow, thus preventing leaks when idle. This innovation moves towards water conservation by eliminating the risk of leaky fixtures and providing smooth, reliable performance. Wall mounted kitchen mixer taps from our range also feature this feature, ensuring every area of your home is prepped with only the best quality fixtures!

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Efficient Drainage Solutions: Basin Wastes and Bottle Traps

An integrated draining system for bathroom and kitchen sink wall mounted refers to a design feature that incorporates drainage channels or mechanisms directly into the tap or basin structure. This innovative solution improves hygiene, reduces water wastage, and enhances overall functionality. It can be achieved by investing in a Bathroom Basin Wastes and Bottle Traps combination. Bathroom sink wastes aid in draining wastewater to prevent overflooding of the sink area. It prevents debris from entering the plumbing system with various control mechanisms like the flip-top/pop-up, free flow and clicker designs that facilitate efficient water flow while eliminating the risk of blockage.

The bottle trap for wall mounted mixer tap has a curved section of pipe located beneath the waste outlet with its main purpose being to create a water seal to prevent foul odour from seeping into the bathrooms via the pipe. It also contributes towards preventing debris from entering the main drainage system. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the basin waste and trap combo are essential for ensuring proper drainage and preventing blockages. This may involve removing and cleaning the waste plug or stopper, clearing debris from the trap, and periodically flushing the waste pipe with hot water or a specialised drain cleaner.

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Tapron's Commitment to Quality: Crafting Excellence in Every Tap

At Tapron, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance in every tap we produce. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver superior products that exceed our customers' expectations. From wall mounted kitchen taps to bathroom tapware, we commit to crafting products of unparalleled quality and reliability. Each fitting employs advanced engineering techniques and cutting-edge technology to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our collection also extends to selections of bathroom furniture, accessories and toilet units. Materials that define our products include solid brass, stainless steel, and high-quality ceramics, to ensure durability, longevity, and resistance to corrosion.

With a commitment towards customer satisfaction, our services extend beyond the manufacturing process. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, ensuring that every customer receives personalised attention and assistance. From product selection to installation and beyond, we are here to help every step of the way! 


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