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Enhancing your kitchen with a tap that combines both aesthetic appeal and functional convenience can transform your daily routines, making brass kitchen taps a timeless choice in home improvements. Known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, brass taps are an ideal investment for any kitchen environment, especially given the...

Enhancing your kitchen with a tap that combines both aesthetic appeal and functional convenience can transform your daily routines, making brass kitchen taps a timeless choice in home improvements. Known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, brass taps are an ideal investment for any kitchen environment, especially given the constant exposure to moisture and water that can lead to rust and degradation in less robust materials.

At Tapron, we recognise the importance of quality and style in kitchen fittings, which is why our collection of brass kitchen taps is designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Crafted from solid brass, our taps offer robust qualities that ensure long-lasting performance and visual appeal. Whether you opt for aged brass for a more traditional look or polished brass for a sleek, modern finish, our taps are made to stand the test of time and style trends.

Our range includes a variety of handle styles, each selected to complement any kitchen interior. From single-handle taps, which provide convenient flow and temperature control in one fluid motion, to two-handle taps, renowned for their precise control over hot and cold water flow, our selection of pull out taps caters to different user preferences and ergonomic requirements. These options not only add to the convenience of your kitchen but also contribute to its overall modern aesthetic.

For those seeking a specific finish, our assortment spans brushed brass, which offers a subtle, textured look, to matt and polished finishes, each providing a distinct aesthetic that can elevate your kitchen’s design. The choice of finish allows you to tailor the look of your tap to match or contrast with your existing kitchen decor, creating a cohesive or striking design statement.

Understanding the demands of modern lifestyles, Tapron ensures that all our products come with hassle-free delivery and handling services, making the upgrade to a brass kitchen tap as smooth as possible. Whether you are renovating your home or simply upgrading your kitchen’s fixtures, our premium range of brass kitchen taps is designed to enhance the functionality and beauty of your space.

Explore our diverse selection of brass kitchen taps in the UK and discover the perfect blend of luxury, durability, and practicality. Bring out the best in your kitchen with Tapron’s top-quality tapware, where each piece is an investment in your home’s future.

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Tapron is your go-to space for quality kitchen and bathroom tapware offered with a diversity of options and colours to blend with your tastes and preferences. Blended with durability, functionality and aesthetics, our products bring you innovative designs aimed at customer satisfaction. From a brass kitchen tap to stainless steel pullout styles, traditional and modern, wall, deck and freestanding orientation, we have all the choices available with a simple click. A trusted guarantee from the manufacturer ranging from 1 to 15 years depending on the product is offered with each buy, assuring customers against unwanted damage and other issues.

Brass kitchen taps are renowned for their durability and resistance to corrosion, making them adaptable for both residential and commercial use. The ability to withstand frequent use and exposure to water and moisture without losing its charm makes it ideal for extensive everyday use. Designed to serve in various styles, finishes and configurations to suit different preferences and interior decor themes, this range offers diversity from modern to traditional outlines. Typically designed to be mounted on a countertop or deck surface, each piece stands out with a round or square structure


Unlocking Functionality: Brass Taps Beyond Beauty

Our diversity of brass sink taps is structured from solid brass that provides exceptional longevity and unparalleled durability to withstand the rigours of everyday use. The robust build enables the tapware to endure frequent handling without risking deterioration even with extensive moisture and water exposure and harsh cleaning agents. A high resistance to oxidation results due to its composition of copper and zinc which enable it to form a protective layer that acts as a barrier in protecting the surface from corrosion and rusting.

The brass kitchen mixer tap with its sturdy craftsmanship resists damage even with constant exposure to air and moisture. The high-quality finish that adorns each piece further adds to this durability, providing an additional layer to protect the product against tarnishing. Cleaning and maintenance are minimal with these taps as it requires only a simple procedure with mild soap/ detergent and water to remove dirt, grime and water spots. Installation is provided with a user-friendly manual with standard sizings and universal fittings that make the process straightforward.

Sturdy Support: Understanding Structure and Mounting Options 

The modern selection, including the brushed brass sink tap, features a single tap-hole structure while vintage designs range up to two tap-holes. Typically designed for deck or countertop mounting, the assortment varies from minimal square silhouettes to round classy structures. By securing the tap directly onto the surface, deck-mounted installation ensures stability during use, eliminating any obstructions that can hinder daily tasks. Homeowners can simply drill the required amount of holes in various types of sinks with a flexible placement that allows the tap to be positioned precisely whenever it is needed.


Exploring the Spectrum: Diverse Colour and Finish Options for Brass Tapware

The aged brass kitchen tap does not centre only around shades of gold but is diversified into the rich hues of chrome, black, nickel, bronze, white and rose gold. This option is broadened by polished, antique, brushed, and matt finishes. Chrome is a timeless and versatile choice that possesses a shiny, reflective surface that makes it easy to clean. It shares similar characteristics like bronze (including antique bronze) that feature a warm and rustic touch with an aged yet polished look. A black or nickel fixture may require extra maintenance to remove fingerprints and stains but its subtle texture creates an inviting ambience.

Another curation of the brass mixer tap for the kitchen is the clean, minimal white colour that creates airiness to any space, making it feel larger and more open. Flaunting a golden pinkish hue, rose gold creates opulence while a timeless elegance is provided by the rich gold. The finish includes matt, brushed, antique and polished, catering to individual preferences and styles. The polished finish is defined by its glossy and smooth surface while antique finish brings a replication of the weathered appearance of vintage fixtures. Matt (or satin) is non-reflective with a smooth texture with low maintenance requirements and a brushed finish is defined by a textured surface with fine, consistent lines. 

Contemporary Chic: Embracing Modern Brass Taps

A modern antique brass kitchen tap has its defining factor with its spout and handle designs. This range is characterised by a single tap hole and a mono-structure with single or twin levers to regulate flow and temperature. Flaunting an arch design, the swan neck spout has a graceful curve and provides comfortable basin space, suiting the needs of commercial and residential kitchens. Straight spouts are modelled with a vertical design without curves or angles, inviting simplicity yet a sophisticated charm while L-shaped designs with their right-angle bend, form a distinct profile and allow a downward flow movement. Another configuration is the swivel spout, designed to rotate or swivel from side to side which allows users to direct the water flow as required.

The brass pull out kitchen tap is a modern embellishment that serves functionality and comfort with its high-tech properties. With flexibility, these taps have a retractable spray head that can be pulled out and manoeuvred to reach various areas of the sink with ease. Offering two modes: the stream option has a gentler flow, ideal for rinsing, while the spray mode brings a more powerful force for cleaning chores. The main tap body houses the spray head which is attached to the hose and is powered with a docking mechanism that retracts it smoothly and securely when not in use.  

This Black Kitchen Tap with Flexible Pull Out Spray is also offered in nickel and features a coiled spring mechanism. Crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel or nylon, the coiled spring provides stability and support while allowing the hose to extend and retract smoothly. Equipped with powerful spray nozzles and 1-hole sink compatibility, the spray head delivers efficient water flow while minimising splashing and water wastage.

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Rediscovering Traditional Brass Kitchen Taps

A traditional brass kitchen tap breathes timeless charm and elegance and has its defining features in the intricate detailing and ornate embellishments. Designed for deck mounting, these taps feature single or twin tap hole designs with swivel, straight and swan neck spouts. Handle designs include the lever with white accents, crosshead and round styles that offer utility for managing water pressure and supply of hot and cold water. Typically offering dual controls, these are family-friendly adornments that are designed with a user-friendly manual for usage.

Water pressure requirements of these antique brass kitchen mixer taps range from low pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) to high pressure (1 bar-3 bars) allowing users to choose a fitting that best meets their requirements. Despite their vintage-inspired appearance, these taps are equipped with modern features such as ceramic disc cartridges and water-saving technology, meeting the demands of contemporary living without compromising on authenticity.

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Essential Considerations: Ceramic Discs, Water Pressure, Compatibility, and Installation

Beyond their robust construction, our brass selection, including the brushed brass kitchen tap, excels in functionality, offering a seamless and reliable water flow experience. This is powered by the ceramic disc technology that serves as a hallmark of our designer tapware. These precision-engineered discs provide a smooth and effortless operation while eliminating the risk of drips and leaks, significantly improving the utility offered by rubber washers. The ceramic discs are exceptionally hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion making it ideal for prolonged use in demanding environments such as your kitchen.

The antique brass kitchen tap with pull out spray range, also including modern and traditional designs, boasts a robust structure that enables the cartridge to maintain its integrity even under high water pressure, providing consistent performance and reliability. These taps also accommodate a wide range of water pressure levels, delivering consistent performance across different plumbing systems. Installation is convenient, with every product supplied with the necessary fixtures and a ready-made manual to guide you through the procedure!

Invest in Kitchen Sink Wastes and install an integrated drainage system to ensure your kitchen tap functions as well as you expect it to. Available in combination sets with the trap and sink drainer or in a simple sink waste design, these adornments aid in swift and flawless wastewater draining without risking clogged pipes that result from debris and solid food waste entering the drain. This addition also prevents unwanted drain odour and gases and seals it tightly without risking an unpleasant kitchen usability!

Customer Support, Returns, and Delivery Policies

Tapron offers exceptional customer support, flexible returns and a reliable delivery policy to make the shopping experience as enthralling as possible for all our customers. With each buy of our products, including the brass kitchen tap with hose, we offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee covering up to 15 years. This assures the durability of the product and a commitment on our part to bring you pieces that are crafted while meeting the highest standards in quality and reliability. Tapron stands true to our promise of providing customers with investments that will function optimally for years to come!

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