3 Outlet Shower Valves

Enhance your bathroom with Tapron’s exquisite range of 3 outlet shower valves, the epitome of luxury and functional elegance. These valves are perfect for those looking to integrate a multifunctional showering experience in both modern and traditional settings. Our collection features thermostatic shower valves, ensuring consistent temperature control to prevent...

Enhance your bathroom with Tapron’s exquisite range of 3 outlet shower valves, the epitome of luxury and functional elegance. These valves are perfect for those looking to integrate a multifunctional showering experience in both modern and traditional settings.

Our collection features thermostatic shower valves, ensuring consistent temperature control to prevent scalding, alongside manual options for those who prefer tactile control. These triple outlet valves offer versatility with their ability to manage multiple water sources simultaneously—whether it’s a shower head, hand set, or body sprays—creating a comprehensive shower system that caters to all your needs.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as brass and available in a range of finishes including polished chrome, brushed nickel, matt black, and luxurious gold, our valves are designed to complement any bathroom decor. For those with a taste for the traditional, our Victorian-style valves with lever handles add a touch of the old-fashioned without sacrificing performance.

Choose from concealed models that blend seamlessly into your wall for a sleek look, or exposed models that make a bold statement. Our designer shower valves are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, ensuring they fit perfectly into your bathroom layout. Options include bar-style models for easy grip and round or square diverters to suit your style preference. These shower valves are not only about aesthetics but also about superior functionality. With options for dual or triple configurations, you can enjoy a high-end, multi-way shower experience. Whether it’s a simple twin valve setup or a more complex system involving recessed or surfaced mounted installations, our shower valves are sure to elevate your daily routine.

Discover the ultimate in showering luxury with our 3 outlet shower valves, each valve is built to the highest standards, ensuring durability and a long-lasting, flawless operation. Upgrade your bathroom with our blend of stylish designs and modern technology.

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A 3 outlet shower system is the pinnacle of versatility and customisation in modern bathroom design. Engineered to regulate the flow and temperature of water for three separate shower fixtures simultaneously, these valves empower users to create personalised shower experiences tailored to their preferences. One of the standout features of these valves is their compatibility with a wide range of shower fixtures. From traditional showerheads and hand showers to luxurious body jets and even bathtub fillers and spouts, these valves can accommodate multiple fixtures to create a spa-like oasis in the comfort of your own home.

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Whether you prefer a gentle rainfall shower, a targeted massage experience, or a relaxing soak in the tub, Tapron’s curation of triple control shower valve aims to provide the flexibility to indulge in your preferred showering rituals. Similar to their two-outlet counterparts, this category feature separate handles or knobs for each outlet. This design allows users to adjust the water flow rate and temperature independently for each fixture. 

The intuitive controls make it easy for users of all ages to adjust the settings of each fixture with precision and ease. Whether you are switching between showerheads, adjusting water temperature, or experimenting with different flow patterns, you can do so seamlessly, without the need for complicated manoeuvres or guesswork. Incorporate a relaxing ambience and routine in your shower area with the perfect investment of outlet valves that best meet your demands and tastes. 


Unveiling Design: 3 Outlet Shower Valve Varieties

Handles: A characteristic feature of the triple outlet shower valve is the handle design. Broadly classified into modern and traditional categories, the styles range from minimal square and round structures to levers, crossheads and pinch designs. A selection offers a mix-and-match with two levers to control water flow and a crosshead diverter and the likewise. Two-tone designs are popular where a curation also features hot/cold indicators on the handle head with intricate lettering.

Base Plates: Horizontal and vertical base plates in valves offer distinct installation options, each catering to different design preferences and spatial constraints in bathroom settings. These plates, triple shower valve, provide a finished and polished look create a seamless transition between the valve and the surrounding surface. These plates differ in style from product to product where the selection ranges from rectangular profiles with sharp or rounded edges.

Diverter: The diverter is a key component of the triple concealed shower valve, responsible for controlling the flow of water to different shower fixtures or outlets. Its primary function is to redirect water flow between multiple outlets, allowing users to switch between different showering options.

Thermostatic Functions: A triple thermostatic shower valve is highly functional to maintain a constant and precise water temperature throughout a shower. Equipped with a thermostatic cartridge, it automatically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water to maintain a preset temperature. This ensures that the water temperature remains constant, regardless of fluctuations in the water supply or multiple uses. This thermostatic cartridge monitors the temperature of the water and automatically adjusts the mix to prevent scalding or sudden temperature changes.

Concealed Structure: The triple outlet concealed shower valve design requires installation within the wall, with only the control handles and trim plate visible on the surface. It is ideal for bathrooms where space is limited or where a sleek, minimalist aesthetic is desired. By installing the valve within the wall cavity, it eliminates clutter and frees up space in the shower area, creating a clean and uncluttered look. The absence of exposed pipework contributes to a cleaner and more polished appearance.

Durability And Features

Build: The triple control shower valves are crafted from solid brass or stainless steel construction, boasting exceptional durability and resilience against rust and oxidation. This robust construction ensures prolonged usage and enduring performance, making them ideal for heavy-traffic bathroom environments where durability is paramount.

Colours: 3 way shower valves are offered in a wide range of design preferences, from bold shades to classic black, elegant gold, and sleek nickel, to more understated hues like stainless steel, rose gold, and chrome, there is a finish to complement any bathroom aesthetic. In essence, these valves combine durability, style, and ease of maintenance, making them the perfect choice for discerning homeowners looking to elevate their bathroom experience.

Finishes: The range of finishes includes brushed, polished, and matt selections, each offering a unique textured surface that adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. Not only do these finishes enhance the appearance of the triple shower valves, but also provide added protection against wear and tear. The smooth and distinct textured surface of the finishes not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also makes cleaning a breeze.

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