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With a wide array of products to pick from, Tapron offers all the bathroom accessories that you will ever need, which are elevated with the uncompromised quality that it comes in. These shower head holders are accessible in a wide assortment of chrome and stainless steel marked with a polished...

With a wide array of products to pick from, Tapron offers all the bathroom accessories that you will ever need, which are elevated with the uncompromised quality that it comes in. These shower head holders are accessible in a wide assortment of chrome and stainless steel marked with a polished and brushed finish to efficiently serve your bathroom necessities. Our Bathroom shower head holders are designed to match best with our other assortment of shower handsets and shower rail kits.

As small of a detail a shower holder may seem, it elevates the overall aesthetics of your shower and bath space and creates a feel and ambience of elegance and richness. It also helps to keep your bath space neat and organised without having any dangles and hassle.

These shower head holders come with high levels of oxidation tolerance which means that you no longer have to worry about your shower holder rusting and ruining the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. 

Our Shower holder brackets are marked with solid craftsmanship and durability and can easily be cleaned, making your bathroom look polished throughout. One enthralling thing about the Tapron shower handle holders is that it resists fingerprints, preventing what can be an immense hassle for everyday usage. The compact design is balanced with equally neat and easy functionality, making it one of the choicest picks you can make for your home!

Our handpicked handheld shower handles embrace traditional and modern style bathrooms with great elegance and convenience. Designed to fit in any bathroom interior, the shower head holders add a smooth and glossy finish to your bath space. Shop for your favourite pieces at Tapron today at cost-efficient prices!

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Providing stability, convenience, and versatility to your bathing experience, shower head holders are essential components of any shower system. From round to square profiles, these fixtures play a crucial role in ensuring that the shower head remains securely in place, allowing for optimal water flow and coverage. It can be paired with our diverse assortment of handheld showers and hoses to provide a complete set, matched with universality, functionality and appeal.

Colour options of the shower head brackets range from chrome, gold, black and more with solid brass manufacturing that promises durability even in extensive bathroom environments. A selection offers adjustability that allows users to customise the position and angle of the shower head to their preference. This flexibility ensures optimal water coverage and allows for a comfortable showering experience. Each fixture is tested for universal suitability with a wide range of fittings, making them a versatile option.

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Types of Shower Head Bracket Holders

The selection of shower holders offer a secure grip mechanism that is essential for ensuring that the other fixtures remain securely in place during use. Its various types offered at Tapron include:  

Wall-Mounted Shower Head Holders: The wall mounted shower head holder bracket is the most common type, designed to be installed directly onto the wall of the shower enclosure. These holders typically feature a bracket or mount that attaches to the wall, along with a hook or clamp that securely holds the shower head in place. Wall mounted holders offer customisable positioning and fixed mounts for stability.

Handheld Shower Head Holders: The round and square shower head holder is specifically designed to hold handheld showerheads, allowing users to easily remove and replace the shower head as needed. These holders often feature a cradle or clip mechanism that securely grips the hand shower, along with an adjustable arm or bracket for flexible positioning. Handheld holders are available in various styles, including wall-mounted, suction cup, and slide bar options.

Slide Bar Shower Head Holders: Slide bar shower handset holders are a versatile option that enables users to adjust the height and angle of the shower head to their preference. These holders feature a vertical bar that is attached to the wall of the shower enclosure, along with a sliding bracket or clamp that holds the shower head in place.

Why You Need a Shower Head Bracket

Enhanced Convenience: The shower heads holder provides a convenient and hands-free solution for showering, allowing users to adjust the position and angle of the shower head to their preference. This flexibility ensures a comfortable and enjoyable showering experience.

Improved Accessibility: Adjustable and wide shower head holders make it easier for users of all ages and abilities to access the hand shower, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a refreshing shower with ease. Slide bar holders, in particular, are ideal for households with multiple users or varying heights.

Space Saving: Wall-mounted shower holders help to save space in the shower enclosure by keeping the shower head securely in place without the need for bulky accessories or storage solutions, creating a clean and clutter-free shower area.

Customisable Shower Experience: With an adjustable shower handle holder, users can customise the shower experience by positioning the handset to target specific areas of the body or adjusting the water flow and pressure to their preference. A cutting-edge solution is presented with the digital display shower douche holder. Its standout feature lies in the integrated digital display, enabling precise management of water temperature and flow. See product: Wall Mounted Digital Display Shower Douche Holder With Bracket, Hose And Handle

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