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If you are looking for trendy bathroom ideas and want to renovate your bathroom space, you are at the right place! We are here to help you create a bathroom that looks not only good but also feels good! A shower hose may seem like a minute detail but choosing...

If you are looking for trendy bathroom ideas and want to renovate your bathroom space, you are at the right place! We are here to help you create a bathroom that looks not only good but also feels good! A shower hose may seem like a minute detail but choosing one that comes with excellent quality dramatically boosts the overall functionality of your bath space.

Our collection of extra-long shower hoses come with a uniquely crafted polished chrome finish made of sturdy brassware. The sturdy material leaves no room for corrosion or rusting and is designed to serve long-term purposes. The minimalist and simplistic design of the flexible shower hoses decorates your home space with a compact and neat design. Fashioned to be paired with shower valves and handsets, these products ensure smooth water flow and prevent unwanted blockages and clogging.

These shower hoses can also be used with our other products like the douche kits and shower handsets which helps create a timeless and minimalist look to your bath space. Adjusted for any water pressure requirements, the high pressure shower hose ensures that your bathroom reality is just as pleasant.

We offer Shower hoses in a variety of finishes, lengths and colours including gold shower hose, black shower hose and extra long shower hose up to 1.6 metres for comfort and convenience.  

These designed shower hoses for bath taps are assured with a generous manufacturer’s guarantee. We do not compromise with even the smallest details. Be it a shower head with hose and even the smallest bathroom accessory detail, we strive to deliver the best!

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Shower hoses and heads are essential components of any bathroom, providing flexibility, convenience, and functionality to your daily shower routine. From rinsing off shampoo to cleaning hard-to-reach areas, the shower hose offers versatility and ease of use that can enhance your bathing experience. Tapron’s selection of shower accessories attends to all corners of your space, ensuring every homeowner’s task of shopping from scratch is more manageable. From handsets, holders, douche kits, body jets, and more, the user-friendly navigation and ready-made resources make shopping with us blissful!

The selection of hoses for shower heads is defined by the robust construction with quality materials including brass and stainless steel. Catering to the interests of all homeowners, these fixtures are offered in diverse colour options, including gold, chrome and black in matt, polished and brushed finishes, to blend with the selection of hand showers, offered exclusively in our selection.

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Types of Shower Hoses

Standard Shower Hoses: These are the most common type in the bath shower hose collection, featuring a flexible design that allows for easy manoeuvrability. Flaunting lightweight properties, standard hoses typically come in standard lengths, such as 1.5 metres or 2 metres, and are compatible with most shower systems.

Extra-Long Shower Hoses: Ideal for larger shower enclosures or handheld showerheads, extra long shower hoses provide extended reach and flexibility. They are available in lengths ranging from 2.5 metres to 3 metres or more, allowing for greater freedom of movement during showers.

Handheld Shower Hoses: Designed to be used with handheld showerheads, the bath tap shower hose features a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and move around. Handheld designs come in various lengths and materials to suit different preferences and shower setups with coiled and plain surfaces.

Understanding The Functionality of Shower Hoses

Tapron’s tap shower hoses come with a variety of features and enhancements to improve their functionality and usability.

Anti-Twist Design: With the coiled and plain designs, the anti-twist shower hose is designed to prevent kinks and tangles, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted water flow during showers. This feature increases flexibility and accessibility for a relaxing daily routine.

Flexible Construction: The shower hose and head combinations are designed to bend and flex without retaining premature wear and tear, allowing for easy installation and use. Flexible hoses are particularly useful for shower systems with complex configurations or limited space.

Universal Compatibility: Another advantage of Tapron’s flexible shower hose collection is its universality. These hoses are compatible with a wide range of shower systems and fittings, making them a versatile choice and come with standard fittings and adapters to ensure easy installation and compatibility with most shower setups.

High-Pressure Performance: The high-pressure shower hose for bath is designed to withstand the rigours of high-pressure water flow, ensuring reliable performance and durability. These are ideal for homes with high water pressure or for use with power showers and massage jets.

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