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Transform your bathroom into a haven of safety and luxury with Tapron's exquisite collection of thermostatic showers. Designed to blend seamlessly into any bathroom setting, from ultra-modern to timelessly traditional, these showers provide both function and style. Our thermostatic shower valves are perfect for maintaining precise water temperature, preventing any...

Transform your bathroom into a haven of safety and luxury with Tapron's exquisite collection of thermostatic showers. Designed to blend seamlessly into any bathroom setting, from ultra-modern to timelessly traditional, these showers provide both function and style. Our thermostatic shower valves are perfect for maintaining precise water temperature, preventing any sudden changes that could lead to discomfort or scalding.

Choose from a variety of finishes including classic chrome, elegant brushed brass, luxurious gold, and sleek stainless steel to contemporary black, antique brass, and striking bronze. Each piece is crafted to high standards, ensuring durability and a lasting shine that enhances your bathroom's aesthetic.

Our selection includes both exposed and concealed valves, allowing you to match the shower to your bathroom’s design. Exposed models offer a touch of classic charm and are easier to install, while concealed valves create a clean, minimalist look by hiding the pipework behind the wall.

We offer single, dual, and triple control options to suit any preference, from simple setups to more complex systems that manage multiple functions and outlets for a customized shower experience. Whether you prefer a rigid riser for a fixed shower head or a flexible kit with a handset, our thermostatic showers come equipped to meet your needs.

For those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship, our Victorian and old-fashioned styles add a historic touch to your space, while our modern designs provide sleek, streamlined profiles. Options like the twin lever or crosshead controls allow for easy adjustments, blending functionality with decorative appeal.

Whether you're looking for a basic mixer or a luxurious multi-way system complete with a bath filler, our thermostatic showers offer safety, comfort, and control. Enhanced by our range of shower heads—from standard singles to lavish rain and waterfall effects—each shower promises an indulgent experience.

Shop our collection today to find the perfect thermostatic shower that not only meets your functional needs but also elevates your bathroom decor. With Tapron, experience the ultimate in bathroom luxury and design.

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In the realm of modern bathroom design, the shower has evolved into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Shower bar valves represent a key component in creating the ultimate shower experience, offering a perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience. Also known as exposed valves, these fixtures control the flow and temperature of water in a shower system and are installed on the surface of the wall, typically in a vertical orientation, unlike concealed designs. Tapron offers an exclusive range of valves and shower fittings to suit the requirements of all homes and spaces, extending to modern and traditional ranges.

The shower valve bar features a sleek and minimalist design, with a horizontal bar that houses the control handles or knobs for adjusting water flow and temperature. These are popular in modern bathrooms for their ease of installation, accessibility, and versatility in design. Crafted with solid brass or stainless steel construction, these valves embody durability and resilience, standing strong against rust and oxidation. This robust build ensures longevity, promising prolonged usage and reliability in any bathroom setting.

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Design Configuration: Tailoring Your Shower Experience with Bar Shower Valves

At Tapron, the bar shower mixer valve collection boasts a diverse palette of colours and finishes, catering to a spectrum of design preferences. From striking black and luxurious gold to classic chrome, and more, there is a finish to complement every aesthetic vision. Designed to withstand the demands of heavy-traffic bathroom environments, these valves maintain their pristine charm even after years of extensive use powered by quality coating in stunning brushed, polished and matt finishes.

At the core of the design is a horizontal bar that serves as the main structure of the valve. This shower bar valve is usually mounted on the surface of the wall and acts as a frame for housing the valve components, providing stability and support while also adding a modern touch to the shower area. Positioned along the horizontal bar on either end, the control handles or knobs allow users to adjust the water flow and temperature. These handles may protrude from the bar or be seamlessly integrated into its design, depending on the model. These controls are often labelled with symbols or markings to indicate their function and make operation intuitive for users.

The shower bar has easy installation properties allowed by two sleek circular plates that mount the fitting compactly on the wall, remaining in place even with extensive use. Proper connection to the hot and cold water supply lines is crucial for the performance of these valves and should mounted at a convenient height and within easy reach for maximum comfort.

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Number of Outlets

From single outlet to 2 outlet thermostatic bar shower valve, this selection offers additional comfort by allowing users to connect fittings including overhead showers and handsets to be used alternately for a rejuvenating shower routine. One-outlet designs are efficient in terms of water usage since all the water is directed to a single point and are ideal for individuals who prefer a straightforward showering experience without the need for multiple fixtures. Users can adjust the water flow and temperature with a single set of controls, making daily usability more hassle-free.

The shower thermostatic bar with two outlets provides flexibility in the shower experience, allowing users to switch between different shower functions or use both fixtures simultaneously for a customised showering experience. Having two outlets in a bar valve offers added convenience, especially in households with multiple users or diverse preferences. It eliminates the need for separate valves for each fixture, streamlining the shower setup and making it easier to control water flow and temperature.

Building a Thermostatic Shower with Bar Valves

The thermostatic bar shower valve stands as a family-friendly fixture catering to diverse household needs, ensuring a consistent water temperature. Pressure-balancing valves maintain steady water pressure, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable shower encounter. This thermostatic feature prioritises user comfort by regulating water temperature, preventing sudden fluctuations and scalding hazards.

The bar valve selection enhances shower customisation while prioritizing safety with the responsive thermostatic element that swiftly adapts to temperature changes, ensuring a stable output even amidst supply fluctuations. This design maintains safety standards, making it an ideal choice for homes with varied user preferences and needs.

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