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A perfect shower space is marked with designs that make your bathroom look beautiful and intricately fashioned. If you are looking for a way to make your walk-in shower look neat and splendid, we have our assortment of shower arms that are crafted to fulfill all your needs! Tapron’s fixed...

A perfect shower space is marked with designs that make your bathroom look beautiful and intricately fashioned. If you are looking for a way to make your walk-in shower look neat and splendid, we have our assortment of shower arms that are crafted to fulfill all your needs! Tapron’s fixed shower arms come with a broad mixture of finishes like matt black, timeless gold, polished chrome, and brushed brass that are designed to add a lustrous statement to your bath space.

We also offer our wall mounted shower arms which allow for a free and smooth flow of water with adaptability to the water pressure of your homes. It is designed for suitability to any space requirements as its sleek design takes minimal space and boosts the aesthetics of your space. The ceiling shower arm is fashioned with the same qualities that the wall mounted arm is designed with, and it opens the choice for you to pick from any design you want without compromising with anything!

Our collection of overhead shower arms is made with fine brass that prevents your shower head arm from oxidizing, leaving it shiny and lustrous for a long time! We also provide adequate specification details to help you pick the perfect ceiling shower head arm and make your shopping experience easier and more efficient. 

At Tapron, we offer a mixed bag of products that are crafted to enlighten your bathrooms! With the extra long shower arm and everything you will ever need, we are home to a large jumble of assorted shower arms. Seize this opportunity and grab them before they are gone! 

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Shower arms play a crucial role in ensuring optimal water flow and positioning for your shower head. From fixed to adjustable, ceiling-mounted to wall-mounted, Tapron offers a wide variety to suit different preferences and bathroom configurations. The primary functionality of this fixture is to serve as a connection between the water supply and the overhead shower, providing stability and support for overhead shower installations. Each piece is defined by a circular or square base plate which not only mounts it compactly to the wall or ceiling but also enables the concealing of pipeworks or faults on the installed surface.

The selection of shower support arms can be paired with overhead showers for a rejuvenating shower experience that falls reminiscent of a resort or space. Made with the best quality brass material, these fittings project excellent tolerance to rust and corrosion. The diverse colour options are complemented by the brushed, polished and matt finishes that make the products less prone to fingerprints, stains, scratches and premature wear and tear.

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Types of Shower Head Arms

Fixed Shower Arms: Offered in round and square profiles, the fixed shower arm ceiling support and wall structures provide stability and support. Attached directly to the shower wall, these fixtures offer a secure mounting point that ensures the shower system remains in place even with years of prolonged usability.

Once installed, the wall shower arm provides a sturdy foundation, preventing sagging, wobbling, or shifting of the overhead shower. This stability ensures consistent water flow and coverage, enhancing the overall shower experience. Installation of a fixed shower arm is relatively straightforward and involves attaching the arm securely to the shower wall using mounting brackets or hardware, ensuring proper alignment and support for the shower head.

Wall Mounted Shower Arms: The wall mounted shower arm is attached directly to the wall, providing a stable mounting point that can be adjusted to suit various preferences. Offering versatility and adjustability, these fittings can be installed at any preferred height, depending on spatial limitations and personal requirements.

The selection offers the extra long shower head arm which provides increased reach and flexibility. A selection offers a straight design while some feature slightly curved, swan neck structures with universal suitability to most standard shower systems. These arms extend further from the wall than standard designs, providing added reach and flexibility.

Ceiling-Mounted Shower Arms: A ceiling mount shower arm offers a luxurious and spa-like shower experience, suspending the shower head from above to create a gentle rainfall effect. These arms are attached directly to the ceiling, providing a stable mounting point that allows the shower head to hang freely. By positioning the head above, these arms simulate the sensation of standing beneath a gentle rain shower, providing a soothing and therapeutic showering experience.

The ceiling mounted shower head arm comes in various lengths and designs to accommodate different shower configurations and room heights. Installing this fixture may require additional support structures, such as mounting brackets, to ensure stability and proper water flow.

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Choosing the Right Shower Arm

When selecting an overhead shower head arm for your bathroom, there are several factors to consider to ensure it meets your needs and preferences. By understanding the different types, installation tips, maintenance advice, and how to choose the right one for your bathroom, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your shower space.

Length and Reach: Choosing a shower head arm that provides the appropriate length and reach can increase the functionality of your shower area. This enables users to position the shower head at the desired height and angle for optimal water flow and coverage.

Material and Finish: Regular and long shower head arm designs come in a variety of materials and finishes, including brass and stainless steel in an array of colours and hues. Choosing a material and finish that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and matches the existing fixtures and hardware in your bathroom can create a lasting statement in any interior.

Installation Requirements: Considering the installation requirements, including compatibility with existing plumbing and any additional accessories or modifications needed can drastically improve the usability of the wall and ceiling shower head arm.

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