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Discover the epitome of modern elegance with Tapron's premium collection of modern basin taps, meticulously designed to transform any bathroom into a contemporary sanctuary. Our luxury basin taps blend functionality with sophisticated style, making every wash experience both luxurious and efficient. At Tapron, we offer an extensive range of modern...

Discover the epitome of modern elegance with Tapron's premium collection of modern basin taps, meticulously designed to transform any bathroom into a contemporary sanctuary. Our luxury basin taps blend functionality with sophisticated style, making every wash experience both luxurious and efficient.

At Tapron, we offer an extensive range of modern and traditional basin taps that cater to all tastes and bathroom designs. From sleek monobloc mixers to tall pillar taps, each product is crafted from high-quality materials like brushed nickel and polished chrome, ensuring durability and a lasting shine. Our wall-mounted taps provide a space-saving solution without compromising on style, perfect for smaller cloakrooms or compact wash areas.

Elevate your bathroom with our innovative mixer taps, available in a variety of finishes including elegant matte black, gilded gold, and toned rose gold. These modern taps are not only visually striking but also equipped with advanced features such as pop-up waste systems and single-lever operation, facilitating effortless water control and hygiene.

Our contemporary tap collection is designed for versatility, accommodating both high and low water pressure systems, and includes options for every sink size, from small hand wash basins to large washbowls. Whether you're updating your main family bathroom or adding finishing touches to an ensuite, our luxury taps integrate seamlessly with any vanity or basin unit, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality.

For those who appreciate a touch of historical elegance, our Victorian and Edwardian style taps merge old-world charm with modern-day technology, perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom. Each tap set in our collection promises unmatched quality and style, backed by Tapron’s guarantee of excellence.

Shop online at Tapron for the best in bathroom luxury, where you can find the perfect tap to complement your bathroom's interior design. Browse our extensive range of stylish and water-efficient taps today and make a statement with your bathroom renovation. Tapron taps—where quality meets innovative design.

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Tapron is committed to transforming daily utility fixtures into exquisite pieces while catering to a wide assortment of designs and colours. Extending to all areas of your home, our tapware and accessories for your kitchens and bathrooms, are structured with durable brass and stainless steel material to ensure longevity. Contemporary tapware plays a vital role in elevating your space both in functionality and appeal.

Our assortment of modern wash basin taps features sleek and minimal designs, featuring clean lines with minimal aesthetics. This range is characterised by a square and round structure with up to three holes mounting in the deck and wall fittings. From smaller-sized fittings to taller stature taps, we offer a tap to fit well with all your requirements and tastes. Our assortment makes an eco-conscious choice with water-saving features with its in-built features like aerators and ceramic disc technology.

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Brass Taps: Timeless Elegance and Enduring Quality

Catering to a variety of modern water taps, the selection is marked with durability with its robust brass and stainless steel structures. Known for excessive tolerance to rusting and corrosion, these taps are ideal for daily use in the bathroom. Brass is known for its strength and is made with a sturdy alloy of copper and zinc. It exhibits high corrosion resistance against harsh conditions and cleaning agents which makes it suitable for daily use and also prevents problems of deformation and deterioration.

These modern bathroom taps enable you to make a conscious choice for your home with their antimicrobial properties which have been proven to effectively eliminate the risk of bacteria and germs, making water safe and away from contamination. The solid construction endures the tests of time, withstanding high levels of moisture and humidity which enables the taps to maintain a pristine appearance even with years of extensive use. Cleaning brass taps demands minimal effort as simple as a wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap or detergent to remove dirt, grime, and water spots and restore its lustre effortlessly!


Understanding Finish Options: A Guide to Tap Colors and Textures

Choosing a modern basin mixer tap includes making the right choice of colours and finishes apart from other factors like water pressure requirements, plumbing suitability and user preferences. Stainless steel taps are known for their versatility and easy maintenance properties, granting a cohesive and coordinated look in any space. Bold shades like black make a striking statement and match perfectly with lighter hues. The dark tone is also typically resistant to water spots and fingerprints, which makes this an ideal colour scheme for frequently visited spaces like your bathrooms.

Bronze creates warmth and character and adorns a more vintage-like and aged charm that complements a number of rustic interiors while gold is another popular choice that exudes opulence with its yellowish hue, creating a lavish focal point. Chrome modern bathroom sink taps feature a lustrous finish with a neutral silver colour and boast versatility. Flaunting a romantic rose hue, rose gold taps create a soft and inviting atmosphere and the collection is completed with clean and fresh white taps that add a timeless look while reflecting light to brighten up any space with a sense of openness and airiness in the room.

Tapron’s stylish basin taps are further diversified in a selection of high-quality brushed, matt and polished finishes. Adding a subtle texture, the brushed finishes provide an organic and tactile feel and help conceal scratches and imperfections with their texture. This texture has a gentle graininess or roughness which reflects light differently compared to smooth finishes, resulting in a more dynamic appearance that adds character. Matt finishes feature a smooth and velvety appearance to create a minimal and serene atmosphere. It has a smooth texture and absorbs light instead of reflecting it, creating the look of a more spacious and elevated space. The contemporary basin tap with polished finish projects a high reflection with its glossy, mirror-like shine and adds brightness to any room. It adorns a classic charm and a versatility that complements many colour schemes and palettes.

Handle and Spout Compatibility: Ensuring Functionality and Aesthetics

Contemporary bathroom taps are defined by their handles and spouts which add depth and dimension to the product. Crosshead handles invite the perfect charm of a vintage-feel embalmed with a minimal mono-body structure while round handles offer utility with a comfortable grip and are relatively space-saving. Lever designs invite a clean look with functionality requiring a simple up-and-down motion to regulate water and temperature flow. Offering either single or twin controls, the mono handles offer simplicity to control water and flow with an intuitive single-handed operation.

The modern sink taps with dual handles offer separate controls for hot and cold water that allow users to precisely control temperature as per preferences. With a robust structure, the cartridge and handles ensure reliability by preventing leaks while maintaining a consistent water flow and eliminating the need for frequent renovations and repairs.

Spout styles help determine the pattern of flow which is why it becomes an essential factor to consider. A straight, fixed spout offers stability by securely attaching to the tap body and has a straightforward structure that offers a stationary flow of water. It has a space-saving design as it protrudes less compared to arched styles and can be excellent fittings for smaller sinks. A modern basin mixer with a swivel spout has a rotating design that enables a 360 degree turn, making it highly suitable for two-bowl sinks. This flexibility also allows users to adjust the direction of water flow making it ideal for daily tasks and amenities.

What are Waterfall Spouts? Luxury modern bathroom taps designed with a waterfall spout provide a luxurious allure while enabling a cascading flow. It stands out uniquely with the flat and wide opening that allows a soothing water flow, mimicking a natural waterfall. Unlike traditional taps that produce a focused and narrow stream of water, waterfall taps feature an exquisite design that allows water to flow in a continuous sheet, creating a visually stunning effect as it descends into the sink or basin below. See our complete Waterfall Taps Selection!

The selection of tapware can be efficiently paired with our contemporary sink units, designed for perfection in a range of wall-mounted and deck designs. Featuring round, square, angled and oval outlines in countertop and wall structures, this combination brings a complete set while making your shopping experience more manageable! The Bathroom Basin Wastes are another adornment that enables quick and efficient wastewater draining while preventing unwanted clogs or damage to the plumbing system by blocking solid waste and debris. From click-clack designs that require a simple push mechanism to turn on/off to freeflow that allows water to flow freely from the basin without any obstruction or control mechanism, and fliptop that features a flip-up or flip-down mechanism, we have all the choices readily available to you!


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From Wall-Mounted to Deck-Mounted: Exploring Various Mounting Options

Deciding whether you want deck-mounted or wall mounted basin taps depends largely on your space limitations, layout of your room, practical considerations and personal preference and plays a massive role in determining overall functionality. Wall-hung fittings are known for their excellent space-saving properties as they allow users to install them at a customisable height without compromising anything. Since it protrudes directly from the wall, these designs offer maximum accessibility and make cleaning much more convenient, while simultaneously preventing the risk of grime and buildup from forming around its base. Since the pipes are concealed behind the walls, professional help in installation is recommended to ensure proper support and rerouting of water lines.

The deck-mounted contemporary basin mixer taps are installed on the countertop or deck surrounding the sink. Depending on the number of tap holes, users can pre-drill on the surface while ensuring the holes are positioned accurately and spaced correctly according to the manufacturer's guidelines to prevent unwanted hassle. Though it comes with an easier installation manual than well-mounted designs, it can cause potential clutter especially in smaller spaces which can be effortlessly mitigated with thoughtful design and organisation. The adaptability to all standard sinks and basins makes our selection of deck taps ideal and adds to the versatility.


Here is your DIY guide with step-by-step instructions to install your contemporary basin mixer effortlessly! Visit: KNOW HOW TO REPLACE TAPS IN JUST 4 SIMPLE STEPS - A VERY DETAILED BEGINNER'S GUIDE

Single to Three-Hole Designs: Choosing the Right Tap Hole Configuration

Single-hole, two-hole, and three-hole taps refer to different configurations of taps based on the number of holes required for installation. The single modern basin taps require one hole to accommodate both the spout and the control mechanism (i.e., the handle). This is a popular buy as it is relatively easy to install and provides an uncluttered appearance with maximum accessibility granted for easy usability. Two holes are required for installation of the twin structure, one to house the tap and the other for the handle. The baseplate aids in quick mounting with designs featuring a single plate or separate units. It is advantageous as it offers more precise controls over water temperature and flow.

A three hole modern basin tap has two handles that control hot and cold water flow and a central spout. With a widespread design, each unit is mounted on the wall in separate pre-drilled holes and offers customisation options in placement (often spaced 6 to 16 inches apart). When selecting a tap for your bathroom, consider the existing hole configuration on your sink or countertop and choose a tap that matches or can be adapted to fit the available space.

Tapware Efficiency: Ceramic Discs, Aerators, & Water Pressure

Each of the modern bathroom basin taps is designed with high-tech features which include ceramic disc technology. Ceramic discs are extremely hard and resistant to corrosion, limescale buildup, and wear over time. The taps are designed with highly anti-corrosive and durable discs where one moves against a stationary one when the tap is turned on, allowing water to flow freely without unwanted fluctuations. This property also eliminates problems of unwanted leaks and drips, creating a watertight seal when the tap is not functioning and promises longevity in its durability. The precise control over flow and temperature ensures consistency while also conserving water, drastically reducing wastage. Resistant to the effect of hard water, this technology is well-suited for areas where mineral deposits can accumulate and cause damage to plumbing fixtures.


A selection of contemporary basin taps are built with an aerator that combines air into the water stream to allow a flow that is soft to the touch while ensuring water usage is minimised. This feature does not affect the pressure but provides an aerated and evenly distributed flow for a splash-free and calming usability. The aerators are typically located at the base of the spout and enable filtration of water by trapping sediments and debris, granting a cleaner, fresher water flow. The bubbling effect created by this element is reminiscent of a luxurious hotel or spa, enabling homeowners to create a luxurious sanctuary at home!

The water pressure requirements of our selection of contemporary taps vary with each product. Our selection offers low-pressure fittings (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) up to high-pressure taps (1 bar-3 bar) with suitability to standard plumbing systems that make installation a more straightforward procedure. Determining the water pressure is a crucial factor where users can ensure proper operation and longevity of their plumbing fixtures while minimising the risk of damage from excessive or insufficient water pressure. In homes with consistently low water pressure, homeowners may need to install booster pumps or pressure-boosting systems to ensure adequate water flow throughout the property.

Comprehensive Service: Product Assurance, Delivery, and Customer Support

Tapron brings product assurance with our modern basin sink, tapware, vanity units and all products offered under various categories both online and in-store. The manufacturer’s guarantee serves as proof of this quality where each piece is crafted to meet industry standards for performance, durability, and safety. We are committed to delivering high-quality luxury products, that serve as well as it looks, to your doorstep with promised timely delivery and careful handling and packaging to prevent damage or breakage. Customer support is available via phone, email and live chat to assist every buyer with various queries and troubleshooting issues. Detailed specifications are provided under each product to make the shopping process a much more enthralling task. Shop with us today!


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