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Gold Frame Shower Enclosures

by Globo 07 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Shower Enclosures

Walk-in showers and shower enclosures mark themselves as essential elements in the bathroom ideas you can add to your bath space. Shower enclosures not only make your bathroom look spacious but also creates the illusion of a bigger space. It also adds a touch of adornment and style to your bathroom, and this is why you should add a walk-in shower to your bathroom today! The bathroom cubicles with a touch of gold will undoubtedly heighten the look of your bathroom by adding an appealing and aesthetic value to your bathroom interior. At Tapron, we offer you a list of the best walk-in shower enclosures with just the right tinge of gold that will make your bathroom look classy and in vogue.

Wetroom Brushed Brass Frame Shower Enclosure

The best part about installing a wet room in your bath space is how much it boosts the overall visuals and elevates the quality of the interior. Walk-in shower enclosures like the Wetroom Brushed Brass Frame are made of top-notch quality that will make your bath even more comfortable than it already is! The walk-in shower enclosure comes in various sizes where you can choose the right size by inspecting the available space in your bathroom. The luxurious gold shower enclosures come with trendy gold brushed brass frames and are made with the best quality glass, which is easy to install and equally easy to use. The best thing about the Wetroom Brushed Brass Frame is that it can fit into any designed bathroom –be it traditional or modern.

After making the pick for your walk-in shower cubicle, you can always choose where it fits best in your bathroom, giving it a timeless and exquisite look!

Marina 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Our collection of shower enclosures also offers the Marina 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure. A quadrant shower enclosure can be both stylish and practical at the same time. It not only adds an appeal to your bathroom but now you don’t need to worry anymore about not having enough space to fit in a shower enclosure because the quadrant shower enclosure is precisely space-friendly. The clear glass walk-in shower cubicle comes with a handy stainless steel handle design that is easy to maintain and comfortable to use. The Marina 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure also comes in different sizes customised according to your bathroom space needs.

The best walk-in shower enclosures ensure a sleek addition to your bathroom space. Gold shower enclosures are never too much to add that gist of style to your bath space. However, you can also always go for the Wetroom Panel Black Framed Shower enclosure, the Easy Clean 8mm Wet Room Shower Temper Glass, or frameless shower enclosures and pair it with our collection of bathroom accessories like basins, bathroom taps, and showerheads to get that upscale feel of a high-class bathroom. Here is a quick guide that can help you make the right choice from the various designs available! After making the right choice for your perfect walk-in shower, you can choose the right shower enclosure and tray by browsing through our hand-picked collection.


Rectangular shower trays

The Rectangular Shower Trays come in sizes starting from 900x700 to 1200x700, which is designed to meet the requirements of your walk-in shower aptly. The shower tray not only makes your bathroom look more sophisticated and glam but also ensures that it drains enough to keep your bathing space clean and hygienic.

Quadrant shower trays

The shower enclosure and tray requirements of your walk-in shower can also be fulfilled by the Quadrant shower trays. The acrylic capped polymer resin makes it the perfect stone resin shower tray with any bathroom interior.

Square Shower Trays

Nothing beats the Square Shower Trays! It is fashioned with lightweight qualities and also comes with a manufacturer guarantee of up to 10 years. The Square Shower Trays also come in multiple sizes and are smartly designed with maximum adjustability that ensures a comfortable experience.

Offset Quadrant Left Hand Shower Trays

Just when you thought shower trays couldn’t look more stylish! The Offset Quadrant Left Hand Shower Trays comes with a unique design that adds brilliance to your walk-in shower cubicle with long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.

We hope going through our list helps you create the perfect bathroom masterpiece the next time you decide to renovate or build one! Our carefully selected designs will make your bathroom space so comfortable that you will be proud of your bath space as one of your favourite spaces at home. Don’t forget to make bold choices, give a statement to your interior designs, and always “Be bold, choose gold!”.

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