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Understanding Shower Enclosures

by Globo 01 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Gold Framed Shower Enclosure

Fashion doesn't stand still, even when it comes to decorating a bathroom. A natural finish, calm colours, and chrome details are the finishing options preferred by most designers.

Using shower enclosures is a popular solution.

Their functionality is serious, and it consists of two fundamental components:

  • Preventing splashes and moisture from spreading inside the premises.
  • The product occupies a considerable volume in the bathroom, so it has an aesthetic function.

The cubicle must blend well with the surrounding area, providing a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere irrespective of the style of the bathroom. 

Choosing rationally: how to do it? Understanding the features of the models, determining the characteristics of your cabin, considering the size of the bathroom and deciding on your budget is the key.

The most common option is the sliding door model. The popularity of such cabins can be attributed to the fact that they are space-saving. Apartments usually lack space, especially in the bathroom. The reason for their popularity is because they are very reliable.

Stylish and modern appearance of the shower enclosure

The transparent models of cabins are attractive and original. Their beauty enhances the stylistic design of the premises and complements current trends. 

Shower cabins that are transparent show stains and water leaks on their surfaces. This problem is easily solved by using care products; however, you must apply them each day after your shower. 

An excellent alternative to the presented option is to choose glass or textured models, which are also quite stylish and pleasing to the eye in most bathrooms. 

Golden shower enclosures:

Gold is one of the most attractive finishes on the market. This is due to the beautiful colour and the association it has with luxury. Because of this, there are specific designs in which gold can be utilised exceptionally well. Vintage bathroom design can use golden shower enclosures and other accessories very nicely. Because these designs focus on high end and antique-looking fixtures, gold bathroom accessories will fit right in.

There are several types of shower enclosures

To grasp what shower enclosures are, let's consider two main types:

  • With pallet
  • Without a pallet

Standard solutions include a special cavity in which water drains and does not cause any problems in the outflow. The second option requires creating a slope to organise a funnel in which water will flow while you are taking a shower.

Depending on specific customer preferences and requirements, the depth of the pallet can be different, so there are devices with a deep or a low pallet. It is possible to make both options look aesthetically pleasing in the interior. When it comes to the lower part of the structure, selecting the suitable material and colour is essential.

The benefits of choosing a shower enclosure based on its plumbing type should also be considered:

  • Rectangular 
  • Square
  • Semicircular

Another important structural feature of a shower enclosure is how the screens or panels are moved. Therefore, products are divided into three categories:

  • Doors that roll out.
  • Doors that swing open.

Various other features

Tempered glass is commonly used for shower enclosures. With high tensile strength, it is capable of withstanding various kinds of mechanical influences. Transporting this type of glass to the site needs to be done with great care as this type of glass can break when struck from several angles. 

The majority of glass shower enclosures come with detailed installation instructions so that you can do the job yourself. Be sure that you measure correctly before you purchase so that you won't have any problems later.

Many people prefer pallet-less designs for a neat, personalised look. There are two types of glass structures: frameless or framed. In terms of location, the first type offers flexibility. Additionally, it has visual ease of perception. It features a wide variety of sizes.

A metal frame is recommended if you have a frame-type glass shower enclosure. Their structure is usually made of steel or aluminium, painted in dark colours. In recent years, metal fences in dark hues have become increasingly popular and are often purchased by modern homeowners.

This kind of design requires a dark colour of glass, and it can either be matte or glossy. If you plan to use dark grey, dark brown, or black tones, your room should have a well-designed lighting system. When entering a shower while washing, make sure the area is not too dark.Transparency in a shower enclosure is determined by the degree of opacity of the glass. An envious clean glass structure can harmoniously blend into a small room if not enclosed by a frame structure. Therefore, without it, the shower enclosure can be completely transparent.

A specialist may be required for the preparation of a niche for the placement of a structure. However, built-in shower enclosures can simplify the design itself and minimise the number of glass panels required. As efficiently as possible, the interior will also be space-efficient.

Typically, when shower enclosures are ordered as an individual project, it is best to leave the installation of the enclosure to the experts since they will first think over and calculate all sizes and compatibility of parts based on the bathroom's available space.


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