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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Vanity Units


Vanity units are the latest hype in bathroom accessories, and rightfully so. They are incredibly stylish and space-saving and makes a great addition to your bathroom regardless of its style, size, and type. There are several vanity units available online that will add the much-required twist to your regular bathroom space.

What is a Vanity Unit?

In simple terms, a vanity unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that can easily integrate with your basin to provide you with more storage in the form of cupboards and drawers. Chances are, you already know about vanity units as they can go with a variety of names such as bathroom sink cabinets, basin cabinets, or under sink cabinets.

These vanity units are beneficial as they give you more storage space while utilising the free unused space in your bathroom. They can also sneakily hide uninteresting things such as pipework to give your bathroom space a modern and classy feel.

Besides being functional, these vanity units are a great subtle addition to your bathroom, giving it a premium feel, transforming the everyday traditional look. There are several types of vanity units according to different factors. Before discussing the types of vanity units, first, let’s look at what kind of bathrooms they will perfectly fit in.

What types of Bathrooms are best suited for Vanity Units?

The best thing about vanity units is they are suitable for both small and large spaces and will make a great addition to any bathroom. If you have ample space and are looking for something more luxurious, you can opt for a large unit such as the City Wall Hung Double Vanity Unit with Sensor Bottom Light.

If you have a tighter space and want a smaller unit, you can go for the Stylish Ella Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Basin to best utilise the area below your basin.Now that you have figured out the ideal space to put the vanity unit in let’s talk about different types of units categorised using colours, sizes, and styles.


If you have a bathroom with a range of colours in it and you prefer it that way, you do not have to worry. You can choose from a variety of colours in vanity units to add extra colour to your bathroom. Generally, you can find different colour options in the same vanity unit.

Similarly, all other vanity units, regardless of their size, come in various colours that you can choose from according to your style and preference. You can even choose between different textures to add a contrasting or highlighting texture to your bathroom space.


There are several sizes available according to your requirements. You can choose from a large Bathroom Wall Mounted Unit with Two Drawers and Basin- Grey to a small White Floor Mounted Vanity Unit with Single Door and Basin, perfect for cloakrooms and small bathrooms.

When combined with your perfect colour preference, the perfect size will give an ideal look to your bathroom, making it more visually appealing. If you are redoing your bathroom, you might want to choose a larger unit to have that additional storage space without having to cram your bathroom up with extra storage units.


Styles are where things get more interesting as there are different vanity units for you to choose from.

Contemporary Style Vanity Units

Contemporary style vanity units are the most preferred type of vanity units. This style stands out from all other commodities in a bathroom and makes it look appealing. You can opt for a Bathroom Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit with Basin and Two Drawers-Black or go for a more straightforward Bathroom Floor Mounted Unit with Basin and Two Doors- White.

A contemporary-style vanity unit will give your bathroom a modern look, go well with tiles or brick, and make your space look less boring. They have simple designs and ideally a single solid colour making it aesthetically pleasing.

Modern Style Vanity Units

Modern Style Vanity Units are the new hype because of their pleasing look and advanced features. These units will give you an aesthetic look and have several digital features, making it look chic.

You can opt for the classy City 600 with Internal Draw, Sensor Bottom Light - Anthracite, which, as the name suggests, has an inbuilt sensor light at the bottom. These designs have several options in different sizes and storage capacities to fit your bathroom space perfectly.

If you want to go all out, you can also choose a LED Mirror Cabinet Single Door with Bluetooth Speaker, which has unique and stylish features.

Floor Standing

Floor Standing vanity units are often preferred by those who don’t want to drill too much into their bathroom walls. You also get several options in floor-standing vanity units.

With some browsing, you can find unique pieces such as Black Single Door Bathroom Side Unit, an affordable, stylish, and space-saving vanity unit.

Floorstanding units also work great in smaller bathroom spaces as they can take the extra unused space in your bathroom and provide you more storage space while raising the style quotient.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted style vanity units are generally preferred by homeowners renovating their bathroom space and want to add a semi-permanent addition to space. While being mounted on a wall, these units are adjustable and comfortable and visually appealing.

By mounting a unit on the wall, you can better utilise your bathroom space and make it look stylish and practical. There are several varieties to choose from with options in colours.

Are Vanity Units easy to install?

The majority of Vanity Units are delivered to you pre-assembled, reducing the hassle of assembling it yourself. Floor Standing vanity units are easier to install as they do not require any mounting. You can put the unit under the sink or at any place you prefer.

However, wall-mounted vanity units require a little effort and time to install as they need to be hung on the wall using particular types of screws. If things get too complicated, you can always consult a plumber to do the work for you quickly.

Vanity units are a part of coordinated furniture. While vanity units work great as stand-alone items, that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot be coordinated with other furniture in your bathroom as well. By coordinating the style and colour of all the items in your bathroom, you can make it even more appealing and classy.

You can pair it with a similar style wall toilet unit and matching taps, sinks, and piping to give your bathroom space a completely coordinated look. If you are looking for more storage furniture, you can also choose a similar style item as your vanity unit to make it look like a pair.

Wall-mounted items are the latest trend in the bathroom accessories industry as they give the bathroom a modern and compact look. Everything is placed in a specific space which frees up more space for other items.

This coordinated furniture style works great for small bathroom spaces as it makes them look more open and spacious. For larger spaces, coordinating your furniture will help you give it a premium feel.

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